January 8th, 2003


Big Mouth Doesn't Actually Type Much, Does He?

Not lately.

Sorry folks, if anyone's actually been chomping at the bit to hear about my exciting life of comic book glamor, I certainly haven't been posting much of late. I've been pretty busy cleaning up the House and juggling some projects and work (projects are my stuff, work is for the man). I don't mean to keep posting about comics crap, but everytime I think about posting about anything else I stop myself because I don't have time to write a two hour rant. And it seems everything that's happeneing in the world is driving me up a wall right now, or worse, depressing me to the point where I can't sleep. I know, aw, poor baby. So, I haven't been posting. Sarah posted something several days ago that I was going to rant about, a dog owener we want to beat with a stick, so check up on that on the jinjur site. if you notice, she updated the look oif BMTA, with some things to click on when you open der page, including jinjur.com and the Fun strip of the week.

Speaking of the Fun strips, look for a few new ones to pop up in the mix in the very near future. Or thereabouts. I'm finishing up some strips for what might be Dork #11 and Sarah will premiere them from time to time on-line. We ran a new one, The Shitty Witch and the Crappy Cat, on Halloween (I know, classy stuff, I based it on a Chekov play I read in the original Russian while studying in France) and the next one should be the final installment in the short saga of Seiji Nakimushi, World's Worst Kamikaze Pilot. Then some more Authentic Cover Bands, maybe a new Myron. I'm hoping someday we can get some preview art up of new projects, I have a 16 page One Punch Goldberg sitting around for a while now, and a few pages for the Eltingville one-shot and a new M&C inbtro page meant for #8...man, I am lousy at sticking to one thing. Since I'm computer-illiterate and Sarah's overworked, it'll be a while before we can get new rooms up in the House. I'm hoping to one day have bibliographies and episode guides up for our work, as well as a basement for unseen art and unproduded scripts, etc. We shall see.

Mimsy the feral nightmare cat is asleep on a magazine box in my studio, snoring away. It's very cute. I'm going through some Comics Journals I'm dumping, either on e-bay or who knows where, I don't want to throw them out. We're incredibly tight for space here and I just can't keep all this stuff archived, and I'll never refer to most of these issues again. I'm keeping the first issue I ever bought (Jan Strnad on his career at Marvel, still good, relevant reading) and a smattering of issues with feature interviews I'll very likely reread -- and I have the first issue of the Nostalgia Journal when Gary Groth took over -- but many of my fanzines are getting the boot. Probably to make room for more stuff I'll have to cull in a few years. Sarah and I are shedding a lot of stuff we've accumulated over the years, it's difficult, some things you get attached to even if you forgot you had them, buried in a box somehwere. But some things must go to keep the lifeboat adrift. Just not my Gegege No Kitaro candy toy figures. Or my Godzilla toys. or my Universal Monster figures. Or my Kirby comics. Or my Love and Rockets paperbacks that duplicate the hardcovers of vol 1-6 that I have...oy, this is going to be tough.

Speaking of getting things, I noticed this year that we didn't receive any holiday cards from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and a few other publsihing houses that have alwasy thrown a card and sometimes a gift our way. I'm wondering if the economy has caused everyone to tighten their belts, or if we're on everyone's shit list. Hmmm...Fantagraphics sent us a postcard. What does this mean? What does this MEAN?

I'm getting loopy. Almost 4 am, I'd better kick off. I think this was a pretty pointless post, but I'm not going to bother to go back and read it to see. Forgive the usual typos, I'm too lazy to edit these things for the most part. Why should I bother? It's not Shakespeare, it's just the shakes.

Latersville, y'all.