January 16th, 2003


Raw, Otnemem

The Raw anniversary show was pretty god-awful and embarrassing, and that's saying something for a wrasslin' show. Sheesh. Lousy writing, lousy clips, bad staging, no guest stars or cameos other than Moolah, May Young, Patterson and Classy Freddie Blassie. And the no-shows, Foley especially, really marred the anniversary concept. Is he that angry towards the WWE or was it not worth the trip from Florida? Maybe he was busy. Am I the only one who marked for the brief b&w pre-Raw clips more than the retread Raw moments? The obituary reel was the only thing I "enjoyed" (weird to say you enjoyed seeing people who died young) but even that wasn't that well produced. Poor Owen, poor dumb Davey Boy. Other semi-interesting stuff: The rude as hell NYC crowd and the aggresive "Rocky sucks" chants. I also liked the "Isaac Yankum" shout out when Kane took the podium. Anyway, that was petty piss-poor for a professional show, wrestling or otherwise.

Afterward we watched the rest of the deluxe super-duper whatever you call it Memento DVD, tracking down the special features we missed the oither night, including the backwards "chronological" version of the film that plays the events out in the "correct" order. It was a nifty cinematic experience (sorry, folks, that's my misspent NYU film school years showing), picking up little extra details and script and character logic (or illogic, as the case may be) that you could miss watching the movie the first time. I really, really fell hard for this film, to the point where I'd want to know more about the character and situations (although a sequel or prequel would probably be a mistake). A really neat film, a great modern noir, fascianting for it's formal elements alone even if you don't enjoy the story, I recommend it forwards and backwards, up and down.