January 31st, 2003


The Phone Lines Are Open

Heya. As you might be expecting from my radio silence this past week or so, things have been pretty overwhelming here at the HOF. Sarah's recovering quite nicely, finally, and work and chores have also piled up quite nicely as well.

I'm currently struggling with an out of control script (Agent X #11, which I think will be fine as well as fun once I wrestle it to the ground) and dealing with an out of control project (The Thing limited series, don't ask, don't tell) and an out of control schedule (I have to cap that stuff off as well as a M&C cover, a M&C strip and a script for DHC's Hauntings anthology asap before starting a project at DC and the Hellboy strip all while juggling several SLG porjects). Anyway, this situation's no one's fault but mine (er, save for The Thing) so I can't complain. Better to be awfully busy than awfully homeless.

Anyway, regular postings will most likely remain spotty as we've been doing nothing but working and sleeping on the whole of late. Very little tv, hardly going out, very little reading (for me at least), no movie-viewing to speak of, no video games, no house chores, no observations or rants and not much else going on. Oh, yeah, the impending war. For reasons of mental health I'm taking some time off from worrying about the sorry state of the world, if at all possible.

SO --

I figured I'd turn this post over to you, the HOF reading public, for your own plugs, recommendations, observations, annoyances, questions -- whatever you might like to say or ask of me. No subject to hang it on, sort of message board-like. If it goes okay I'll post a few more open mic messages to spark conversation over time. If nobody wants to post anything, or you all act like drunken little troublemonkeys, I'll consider it a failed experiment.