February 24th, 2003


Another 4 a.m .post

Just finished up an exhaustive overhaul/revision on the Thing #1. Ugh. I'm too wired to go to bed and too tired to do anything with myself. In a better world I'd conk the hell out and get up at a more normal hour, or at least be able to concentrate on a book for an hour or so. I haven't been able to read at night for weeks now. It's driving me crazy.

I realized the other day that I haven't been plugging anything on this here journal, which is one of the reasons I started it. I guess the reason is because I don't do much of anything these days, or see much of anything, or listen to much of anything, read much of anything, buy much of anything, google much of anything, etc. I'm a crashing bore this year, if I do say so myself.

One thing I'll re-plug is the Exhumed Films screenings in New Jersey. I'm too lazy to look the site up, you young internet geniuses can figure it out, I have faith in you. Okay. It should be http://www.exhumedfilms.com. Or fh2ste7gfj.com, one of those should work. Anyway, Paul Y showed me their site update the other day during kickflick night, and they've changed venues to an honest-to-goodness renovated movie palace in NJ. Zounds! So, this coming March 14th or so you can see a new print of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead and an old print of the crazy Equinox (with WKRP's Frank Bonner and author Fritz Lieber! And a stop-motion devil thingie!! Eeeeargh!) in a vintage movie house, complete with stage, balconies, plush seats, etc. Sound good to you? Sounds wicked good to me. I'm hoping my loacl crowd is going as I haven't been to a movie palace since seeing Fantasia at Radio City as a pre-teen (not counting when I saw The Pretenders at Radio City back in college). Ihaven't gone to an Exhumed show in a while and I could really use a good, stupid night out. Or twelve stupid nights. Or three. Six.

Those of you in the area with a penchant for such things should go, it's a fun night out.

I go sleep now.