March 23rd, 2003


HOF e-bay auctions

Howdy, folks. In our renewed efforts to clean up the House of Fun and raise some dough for stupid things like dental bills, we've placed a few new things on e-bay this weekend from our coffers. Not much in the "cleaning" dept, this week we're auctioning off a copy of the OOP 1992 SKIN graphic novel by Peter Milligan, Brendan McCarthy and Carol Swain (along with a bonus UK fanzine from '92 featuring interviews w/ the creators). The rest of the auctions are art pieces, two Kyle Baker b&w character illos done for a DC Legion of Superheroes Who's Who type thing from a while back, a new color Milk and Cheese pin-up and a new Captain America color pin-up I did last year while working on my strip for the Captain America: Red, White and Blue book. It's a cartoony piece, done in the style of the Skull/Zemo strip, featruing a smiley Cap surrounded by the heads of some of his nutjob villains (The Red Skull, Zemo, Batroc, Arnim Zola, Modok, some other goofballs). This is the first of these cartoony superhero pin-ups I did, the second was a gift for my editor. I recently got into the habit of drawing goofy versions of Marvel and DC characters while sitting around and waiting for the ink to dry on my strips, so I might finish them up and sell them on e-bay in the future if this one does okay. Since we're only doing a few cons this year we'll very likely be dumping some original art pages and pin-ups on e-bay throughout 2003, along with odds and ends we want to get rid of or have duplicates of(statues, old fanzines, toys, etc). if you're interested in the stuff we're offering or just want to look at the artwork, here's the link Sarah set up to look at the auctions: