April 3rd, 2003


A few random things

I haven't been updating the jorunal too much these days, I've been meaning to, but to be honest I haven't had anything to really say or add. It's been easier answering questions on past posts. All that's been going on here at the HOF is work, avoiding work, and trying to get ourselves on a decent, human sleep schedule. I can't seem to shake this damned cold (I'll avoid the obv SARS joke) and it's definitely affecting my work. march was a real pain in the ass month, besides world events being a mess, home and work "events" have been a mess as well. All of my projects seem to be on a one step fwd, two steps back sort of crawl. I just went through the Agent X #10 script again, as well asd the Thing #1 script, because Marvel has revised how they're doing their PG-rated books. So we lost a batch of language that was already approved, and a few images might be doctored as well. I'm not terribly upset by the loss of strong language from the scripts (although the idea that you can't use "damn" or "hell" in a comic these days is archaic and pathetic, esp from the bad boys at Marvel) -- they weren't paramount to the reading experience and I'm not uppity over that sort of thing, really. Losing a "bastard" isn't the same as losing a plot point or a scene you believe works. I'm just annoyed that I can't seem to get these scripts out of my life, having written them months, even a year ago, and having them approved already (several times, in one case). Sheesh. I'm spending so much time reworking old material due to ever-shifting edicts, between that and still feeling under the weather I can't get moving on the new stuff with any momentum. The light at the end of the Boom Tube is that Agent X #10 has to go to print asap to ship in late April, #11 is shaping up terrifically for May, and the Thing material is all coming together slowly but surely (I'm still not done with #4 and have revisions on #3 dangling over my head). Soon this phase of my "career" will be over and I'll get moving on a few other things, the Hellboy 10-pager, my own stuff, possibly some magazine work if all goes well, and two new projects which I hope to announce here asap. One of these projects is apparently a done deal, the other is still in discussions, as they say. We'll let you know when we know.

Plug-wise, well, I've mostly been reading magazines and Astro Boy graphic novels. I picked up Love and Rockets #6 yesterday whcih I enjoyed. I've been reading bits and pieces of Comic Art #2, a very nice issue inc a batch of Jack Cole girly gag panels, this is a really fine, well produced and designed magazine. My only problem with all these comic magazines and fanzines coming out of late has been that in my more cynical moments (i.e., when I'm awake), I can't help but feel that they represent the cheerfully archived obituaries of a dying medium.

But then again, in my world, the glass isn't just half empty, it's also half full of shit. So don't mind me and my bummer opinions. I'll be better by Passover, honest. A shot of cheap table wine and a shankbone or two and I'll be rip-rarin' to make them thar comics!