April 17th, 2003


Why is it on this night we all yell at one another?

Well, we actually attended a family passover this year, courtesy of my aunt, who was using the get-together to introduce her boyfriend to the entire family all at once. Suffice it to say, it was a mess, as our family is kind of nuts and high strung. No arguments broke out at the table, thankfully, but little pockets of dramam erupted everywhere. Also thankfully, I wasn't involved with any of these soap operas for once. What a night. The food was good, but if there is a god up there, I hope he wasn't paying attention to our joke of a seder. I think only one of the four questions was asked, absolutely nothing went right, my aunt and my cousin ended up crying, my niece was ina snit all night and accidentally caused some pottery to break, my grandfather was sticking his fork in what was supposed to be my last-minute birthday cake (when he wasn't psitting food out in view of people). Sheesh. Family. Yeah.

Otherwise, things are par for the course. After spending hours cleaning the house the other day our water heater broke down. The repair guy never showed up and we had to leave for the aforementioned Jewish religious experience ( which made us two hours late for the show, which was dandy). We're waiting for a repairman again today, which is no fun, as we have actually really truly important errands to run. On top of that we're dealing with taxes like everyone else, our fridge is leaking badly again, our sink and tub are backed up, the M&C shirts bombed at Hot Topic (I assumed they would), a publisher we're dealing with is not being very communicative, one of my current projects for the mainstream is further imploding (though through no fault of my own, or the publishers, I have to say), and New York City is about to cut a ton of services due to budget hoo-ha, said cuts affecting our borough more heavily than any other. Stress level orange. Some good news, though, is that we sold three gag cartoons to Nickelodeon Magazine, which we can finish up fairly quickly, and we might have some more "outside" work lined up. I'm not holding my breath, of course, because I look bad in blue. Things have been so dopey I haven't even been to the comic shop this week. har har. Thassa joke. Sort of.