April 21st, 2003


New Birthday Fun strip and E-bay Auctions

Howdy folks -

While cleaning the studio today I spent a few minutes and doodled myself a new Fun strip. Click above and to the right to see it, I think Sarah has a permanent link to the strips there. I really should pay better attention to things, I'm pretty sure the link's there, though. Anyway, we also threw two pieces on e-bay to help out with recent HOF repairs, one of two remaining color M&C pin-ups as well as a Generation Ecch page (reprinted in Dork #3), the Hemp Culture chapter piece. To view the auctions for bidding or browsing:


Otherwise, it was a pleasant weekend, if uneventful. We watched A Christmas Story last night with dinner and tonight we watched Harold Lloyd silents on TCM with a nice meal and home-made brownies for dessert. We spent the weekend cleaning the house and working and getting things in some semblance of order, we were just too busy to really plan any sort of birthday bit, and to be honest, I didn't mind. I usually don't go in much for any pomp and circumstance birthday-wise, I prefer Halloween, as far as those things go, to be honest. While I'm not ancient, I'm getting old enough and I'm neurotic enough to dislike birthdays, seeing them as chronological enemies to be avoided and defeated, hopless as that is. The state of things being what they are, I needed the time to simply unwind and get a few domestic things done.

Unfortunately, between tax time,Passover, my birthday, cleaning up, and various deadlines,I have a small but possibly crucial job due tomorrow that I've barely tackled. Luckily, it's small in scale, several short springboard plot pitches for a running cartoon series (we recvd the offer a few weeks ago out of the blue), and I have the ideas blocked out in notes -- but I'd be happy to have it all typed up to be faxed instead of worrying about it at 2:30 in the a.m.. I know -- so why am I posting this drivel rather than writing the pitches? Well, because it's late, I'm tired and winding down before going to -- hey, who the hell are you to tell me what to do, anyway? My editor? King of Cartoons? I'll get up early (about 11:30 am these days) and type it up and send it. You're not the boss of me! And if you are, I want a raise and better art supplies.

Nitey nite.