April 22nd, 2003


The Newest in New

1) So, unless I'm wrong, Agent X #10 ships tomorrow. My editor has a few printed copies so I can only assume it'll be in stores for folks to buy, shoplift or browse through. Give it a look see and then we'll talk.

I did a pretty goofy cool interview about the Agent X arc with Jen Contino for the Pulse at Comicon, but so far, haven't seen hide nor pixel of it. Hmm. Not much time left to plug the darned thing, hopefully it'll get slapped up sometime soon. If it gets posted I'll plug it, if it doesn't, I'll post about people who waste my time. Har har.

2) A few minutes ago Mr UPS man was nice enough to deliver a box of the SLG Free Comic Book Day anthology to the HOF,said bookety book featuring a new M&C cover and a new M&C strip. The book will be available to the public, for free, natch, on May 3rd, at participating shops. I have no control over which shops actually bothered to order the SLG book, so if your shop doesn't have them on May 3rd, blame them, not SLG, and not moi. Contributors to the FCBD comic include Jhonen Vasquez, Phil Elliot, Andi Watson, Roman Dirge, Carney and Pheonix, Scott Saavedra, David hahn, Norm Scott and Ken Knudtsen, among other folks from the SLG stable of slave laborers.

That is all. End transmission. Back to work.