April 24th, 2003


Agent X, Hauntings, other stuff

Howdy, folks. Quick update while a few things are on my little mind.

Agent X #10 did indeed ship yesterday. You've been warned. Any of you who might have been buying my work in 1993 might be persuaded to check the book out for a laugh. You'll see what I mean when you see it.

The latest Diamond Previews catalogue also shipped, which lists a little something called the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings (published, by, duh, Dark Horse). This is a hardcover collection of new haunted house-type stuff, with contributions by Gary Gianni, Mike Mignola (a new Hellboy tale), P. Craig Russell, Paul Chadwick and others. I wrote an eight page haunted doghouse story for the book, which will be painted by Jill Thompson of Scary Godmother and Sandman fame. I'm very excited about this, would have blurted it out earlier, but for reasons that are none of your business I had to wait until it was publicly revealed through the press. Similar to why I can't yap about my upcoming DC work. Annoying, really. I like to yap. Suprised I didn't blow the Agent X gag earlier. Anyway, true bereavers, Hauntings goes ons ale on August 20th. I believe there is a bookstore deal in effect on this, so if your local comic shop doesn't order it and you're interested, the local book chain might actually have it.

Otherwise, those paying minute attention may have noticed that marvel ran the same Thing cover twice in a row to promote issues #2 and 3 of Night Falls on yancy Street. Somebody goofed and ran the #3 cover last monet instead of the #2 cover. So, there you go.

While I wish I had the time to run through PReviews and plug everything in it of interest, imho, the one item I will lavish fanboy excitement over is the Comics Journal # 254, which will feature a "definitive" interview with Will Elder. He of Mad (The Mole, Ping Pong, et al), Goodman Beaver, Humbug, Little Annie Fannie fame. Kurtzman-partner fame. Amazing cartoonist you should worship fame. Someone I desperately wish I could draw like fame. I hope this is a solid read, as Elder's not getting any younger and he's one of my faves. I'm all a-tingle!

Lessee...anything else. Well, Thing #4 still on my back. I was able to get those story pitches Sarah and I worked up down and done and sent off earlier this week, and it looks like we may have sold at least one of them to a currently running kid's show. We shall see by next week at a meeting in der city. I'm looking fwd to it as we don't get out much and even a business meeting in Manhattan will seem like a day out on the town. Oddly enough several non-comics job offers have cropped up in the past week, five in total, four of which seem pretty credible. After a dry spell re: animation/magazine-type work, this has been very odd, very welcome, but very odd. Unfortunately, this is a schedule burden in the making, and our schedule is already a car wreck between our stuff and mainstream stuff. We're going to have a very interesting week or two, and I don't like interesting, it keeps me up at night. I'm terrible at this sort of thing, scheduling and whatnot, I have a fear of turning work down unless it's completely unappetizing or seemingly impossible. I'm always afraid to say no to anyone, fanzine editor to tv producer, worrying it will burn a bridge. And I have a dopey fear of being broke, dumb because I take too many jobs that don't pay much. Or don't pay at all. There's no way we can handle all this work, even if only a few of these jobs come about. I'm not complaing, mind you, we need the work. I'm just confused and a bit stressed, due to the ever-extended Thing project and the looming deadlines on the Nick strips and the Dork trade, among other things I'm committed to. Well, better too buys than not busy enough.

Okey-dokey, I have to call Jill in San Francisco to discuss the Hauntings strip. She's there for Wonder Con. Some people are professionals and can get their work donw and travel. I am not one of them.