April 28th, 2003


Going AWOL

Hey folks. I just answered a few questions in the Agent X thread, and I wanted to follow up with a quick post because it looks like I'll be awol from the journal for a few days at least. Deadlines abound, my Marvel editor is going to kill me, our Nickelodeon editor is begging, we have a business meeting Wednesday that will eat up half the day, so I'm going to have to straightne up and fly right and keep away from the web and the tv and whatnot. Anyway, until I get back, her'es some Big Mouth Typing:

Click on this week's Fun strip for a new Fun-like substitute strip featuring Milk and Cheese.

Quick blanket thanks to those who have posted about Agent X or have written me about the book. Sorry the issue didn't work for everyone, glad it worked for some folks. To answer a general question, yes, Fight-Man is actually a character that has appeared before in a comic. Fight-Man #1, 1993, from Marvel, to be exact. I wrote and penciled the one-shot and his appearance in Agent X marks his Tenth Anniversary of Obscurity. He'll be back in #11, which readers of F-M #1 will find to be familiar ground. meaning: violence. Then again, readers of Agent X will be familiar with that. And yes, there is an ape in the book.

Speaking of F-M #1, if anyone ever sees the cover art to that book at a con or on-line for sale or anyhting, let me know. That artwork was stolen from Marvel, there's no release signed for it, and I want it back.

After we wrapped up our recent e-bay auctions I checked the listings under my name and found that someone paid over $15 for the M&C trade, when they can get it for $12 from SLG. I see this fairly often and it kills me. Yes, we get the money when folks buy from us Slave, but why spend 3 more dollars for a book that's still in print? That drives me up a wall. I wish people would check around, these are not rare artifacts or anything.

I'm hoping to soon have a link on the journal to our production and appearance schedule, so that I can just plug stuff once and stop blabbing about them. people can click on it and see what's oiut, what's due out, what's on the boards and where we are appearing with pens in hand.
We are definitely set for the Toms River, NJ library talk on May 10th, along with Christine Norrie and Andrew Lis, times still to be confirmed. I'm hoping to have free comics to give out and we'll be signing stuff.

last friday, my last night out for a while, the lawgiver screened two new Shaw Bros releases, Buddha's Palm and Shaolin temple. The latter being the first "let's burn the joint" training-focused/martial-arts focused Shaw production, or something like that. Pretty okay, although there are too many characters to follow clearly, with three ongoing story arcs following different groups of people learning Shaolin kung-fu while the Ching empire gets pissy at the temple. David Chiang and Ti Lung are thrown in more for star power than story logic, they pop in and out a lot. since its a Chang Cheh flick, many "Venoms" show up, which is always a plus, a lot of tumbling and some nice action. The hectic finale sorts out the characters for the viewer, as traitors, trainers and monks die by the score, leaving the survivors of the temple attack to leap off a bridge and spread Shaolin style in the South. Yay.

Buddha's Palm is an insane, non-stop, cartoonish fantasy/action flick apparently based on a comic series. Characters shoot rays (badly animated and superimposed, at that), fly, use insane superhuman powers and magical objects, etc. Oh, and there's a guy in a dragon suit, Toho-style. And pretty girls with swords, which is always good. And Lo Lieh as a slightly addled old master who announces himself whenever he appears, with a fanfare. It's rare, for me at least, to see Lo Lieh acting goofy, so I really got a kick out of that, he's really funny and his scenes are all cool. And there's a guy who fights with a giant foot that he grows and strecthes! Yikes! The movie itself is completely over the top and is actually a little exhausting, it doesn't stop moving, the story unfolds in a rapid manner with little explanation, there's no character development at all and sometimes the camera tricks go off the scale. Which is okay with me, as long as it's entertaining and truly crazy, which this is. It ain't boring, that's for one thing. I recommend this is you like movies like Warriors of Zu Mountain (or whatever it's called) or Kung Fu Cult Master, the Daoist priest-type magic and action flicks, or fantasy/sword stuff and comic book-like stuff in general. Lotsa fun. We all thought John Carpenter had to have seen this before he made Big Trouble in Little China, based on the use of animation to express magic attacks and whatnot.

Anyway, there's the latest gunk in my head. Be back asap.