May 5th, 2003


Why I haven't been able to update this here Journal

Things have been even busier than I'd expected, so I'm dropping in to round up some news and plug this Saturday's Comics Symposium and then get back to wortk. Anyway, the plug:

Ocean County Library 2nd Annual Comics Symposium
Tom's River Branch
101 Washington Street, Tom's River, NJ 08753
Tel- 732-349-6200

Sarah and I will be giving a talk, along with Christine Norrie (Action Girl. Cheat, Hopeless Savages) and Andrew Lis (Marvel Comics Editor). Other guests will be Jack Harris, Brian Buniak and Howard Bender, among others. There will be discussions, portfolio reviews, signings and hopefully giveaways, Andrew is trying patch them up with some marvel stuff and I've asked SLG to send me some comics to hand out, for both kids and those older than kids. Probably the FCBD anthology. I'll also be happy to do sketches as time allows (so bring paper). If you folks can, try to stop on by, it runs between 10 or so until about 4 pm and sounds like a nice, informal comics event for fans, kids and those curious about funnybooks. From what I see it's free, to boot, and apparently a small old-school convention/comics show is taking place across the street, so that may be of added interest to back-issue bin browser-types.

As I said before, we've been really busy. Like, sheesh, I'm not complaining because we certainly need the work and work is good, especially in a slow economy but we're really, really busy. Since my last post we've turned in three gag cartoons to Nickelodeon magazine, completed a five page script/layout for a Fairly Odd Parents strip for a Nick magazine special, we attended a meeting at Curious Pictures and sold them at least one story for the Codename: Kids Next Door show, I revised the dialogue for Agent X #11 (rewriting several pages), and we had to clean the house because of a family get-together. the latter being possibly the most difficult job of them all, seeing as how years after we moved in we're still living amongst unopened boxes like a comics retailer. While juggling all these deadlines we also pushed the Dork trade along some and I've been working on the seeminlgy never to be finished Thing #4. having real structural problems with the script, this has just been a real supermonkey on my back and I can't wait for it to go away. Anyway, I dunno how much posting I'll be doing this month, I have to finish the Thing asap as Dean H is waiting for pages and the time is now (#1 is at the printer and shipping in a few weeks), we've been asked to work up some spot illos for Nickelodeon, a well-known magazine has asked me to pitch some material to them (more later), we might have an interesting animation gig in the works (more later), and I have to start writing a DC mini-series as soon as I'm done with the marvel work. I also have commitments to the Hellboy:Weird Tales series and another Nick strip was given the go-ahead for a gfuture issue, not to mention it would be nice to get some strips done for my own books. If we didn't need the dough I wouldn't be crushing the schedule this badly, but even if we were flush, I hate passing on non-comics opportunities, they're usually a lot of fun, they pay well, and the people are usually very nice to deal with. Anyway, I am shocked at the amount of work that has fallen into our laps this past month, I'm hoping it all comes out okay and doesn't trigger a wave of bad luck to balance it all out. We shall see. 2003 has become very interesting all of a sudden.

Hope folks grabbed something good for Free Comic Book Day, we missed it as we had family over at the HOF. I wanted the Donald Duck comic and the Alternative Comics anthology, hopefully the local JHU shop will have leftovers. Hope those of you that picked up the SLG book enjoyed the new Milk and Cheese strip, it's the first 2-pager I've done since...egads, 1997.

Personally, I'm very happy the Disney material will be available again, hopefully it'll stick around and perhaps collections can be made available through book stores where they might do well. Speaking of the Duck, there are 12 Disney Pez dispensers out in supermarkets now, with several new designs. I admit to a fondness for Pez, and snagged the very cute new angry Donald design. hey, angry Donald, can't go wrong there. he's really the only funny Disney character with any real personality. Don't tell me that Mouse is funny. Not after he got real eyes. Not after Godfreddson 9sp) stopped drawing him in the strips. Mickey = wet blanket. Goofy = tiresome dope. Plutos' okay. But Donald Duck is the man.

Okay, I'm babbling and have dinner to eat and Thing pages to wrestle with. Local readers, try to come to the library talk, it might/could be fun. Otherwise, see you at Mocca in June.

Latersville --