May 17th, 2003


The usual this and that

Howdy, folks. I'm sitting here, listening to Laura Cantrell's tribute to June Carter Cash on WFMU, catching up on business before diving back into the second act of the Thing finale. Figured I'd drop a post on you all, seing as how I've been remiss in my blogging duties as of late due to a hectic schedule. If it's any consolation, I still owe Marvel, my editor and Dean Haspiel 27 pages of Thing # 4 script, and I'm juggling things so poorly this month that I might have trouble getting the Dork trade out on time. So, my apologies for the spotty posting. Anyhow -

Thursday night a group of ex-Jim Hanley's Universe employees and satellites got together at a lower east-side watering hellhole for a reunion of sorts, about 25 people showed up, and a good time was had by all, I'd say. JHU, for those who don't know, is a NYC-area comics shop that I used to work at.

Last night I took some more undeserved time off to watch a few asian action flicks at the Lawgiver's pad, largely because our friend Chris was in from Minneapolis for the reunion and it would be the last chance I had to see him for another who-knows-how-many-years. We watched a Korean Matrix-rip called The Resurrestion of the Little Match Stick Girl (there's a title!), a confuse-a-thon that showed early promise but devolved into a thoroughly muddled and monotonous mess. It's similar in some ways to films like Existenz and Avalon, being concerned with video games, game logic, worlds within worlds, etc, but like many films involving dream logic where anything goes, little makes sense, iconic imagery that's important to the director isn't important to the viewer, and there's nothing to wrap yourself around, emotionally or dramatically. If the action was better and more compelling, you'd forgive the senselessness, but the fighting isn't really impressive or well thought out, only a few early set pieces deliver and then nothing that follows satisfies at all. Characterization is nil even by genre standards, which might have been intentional owing to the game-like scenario requiring chess-piece cyphers moving from scene to scene, but the cyphers aren't very likeable and they don't do anything that's really very interesting. Gamers might find this of interest, it's worth a shot for asian action-film completists, but it's not worth spending a lot of time hunting down. Apparently it's only available here as a fan-subbed bootleg, I think the Lawgiver found it in Chinatown. According to him it's South Korea's biggest box office bomb ever. He also likened it to Korea's Hudon hawk, but it's not even that giddy or interesting a failure.

The second feature was Buddhist's Fist, old-school HK martial arts hi-jinks from '79-'80. Plot is anorexic-thin and as often is the case, hardly necessary. Some revenge crap. This is far from a great film, but Yuen Clan fight choreography makes this one a winner, with solid set pieces and a terrific finisher, really nice hand to hand stuff with a lot of inventive moves and sequences. There's a few comedy fights, broadly played characters with the requisite moles, crossed eyes and silly moustaches, some weird fighting styles (one oddball hunchbacked villain uses a sort of hopping vampire style, his bones cracking loudly as he moves in spasmodic, pop-n-lock jerks) and of course, this being a Yuen Clan film, a fight involving fire.

Anyone remember Arn Saba, who did a comic book back in the bad old B&W boom days called Neil the Horse? Well, some of you may know that Mr Saba is now Ms Katherine Collins, and apparently Ms Collins has been arrested on drug charges stemming from a police raid on her apartment which uncovered an amount of mushrooms and weed worth upwards of $35,000. No, they didn't find any heroin, no horse jokes, people, please. I run a respectable stupid journal here. Anyway, all I can say is few people in comics have $35,000 worth of saleable product in their possession. I didn't copy the link to the story because I'm lazy, but the news is up on Journalista and the Comicon Pulse.

Oh, almost forgot -- Among several other Marvel books, Agent X #11 and The Thing: Night Falls On Yancy Street will both be pushed back a week, due to printing problems that arose in the wake of the midwest tornadoes.

Well, I guess that's about it. We're just plodding along, trying to get our work done. If all goes well, we should have some interesting announcements to make in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. Which is really a disgusting phrase, if you ask me. Peeled eyes. Ugh.