May 21st, 2003


Watch this space...

Too deep in the hell that is the Thing #4 script to really post much, so in brief:

The Matrix: Reloaded was more like The Matrix: Overloaded. Pretty disappointing. We'll talk later, maybe. It's not that important.

Finally saw Jill Thompson's painted pages for the "Stray" story I wrote for Hauntings. Really, really sweet stuff. Dark Horse was so happy with the project that we might do something else for them down the line. We shall see. The book ships in Aug and Jill might be putting up preview images on her site, if she does I'll post something resembling a link.

Finished our work on Nickelodeon's Fairly Oddparents magazine after multiple problems with Nick mags servers and ill communication.

Watch this space for upcoming Space Ghost Coast to Coast news.

Watch this space for animation news.

Watch this space for DC news.

Watch this space for possible potential who knows could be well-known magazine news.

Watch this space for increased chatter.

Don't watch this space for news on the Dork trade. We're running late!