May 27th, 2003


Washington Post Doesn't Clobber The Thing

My editor on the as yet-unfinished Thing series, Andy Lis, told me a while back that someone at the Washington Post might be reviewing the first issue of the book. Well, artist Dean Haspiel forwarded the write-up to me today, and it wasn't too shabby:

Title: Startling Stories: Thing -- Night Falls on Yancy Street by Evan Dorkin and Dean Haspiel
From: Marvel Comics, $3.50
Basic Story: Ben Grimm, aka the Thing, goes back to the old neighborhood to lose himself and finds more than he bargained for.
Sample Grab: "They say you can't go home again. What they meant is that you shouldn't" --Grimm, framing the story.
What you'll love: The Thing's genuine emotional pain, artist Haspiel's bold style, all that gorgeous color.
What you won't;: Long on soul-searching, short on clobbering time.
Grade: A-

Short on clobbering time? Sheesh! Wotta revoltin' development. Anyway, it's, "clobberin",not "clobbering". So he doesn't fight much in the first issue? Big whoop. There's SUPER APES!!!