June 20th, 2003


MOCCA, et al

Well, we're almost packed up for the show this Sunday, which is a first, as I usually end up finalizing the stock and pricing the art we're taking at about 4 a.m. before the actual event. I've decided to try to get an extra bit of sleep this time out, and besides, packing has been a great way to procrastinate on the four script deadlines that loom over me. It's funny, well, actually, it isn't, but I've just finished a strip for the Dork trade about how I've gotten "better" since the events portrayed in Dork #7, and here I am absolutely in the pits, unable to get a coherent thought on paper or on the computer screen despite having already plotted these projects out in detail. I don't know how some people bat out five scripts a friggin' month, I really don't. True, most of them suck, and they let the artistrs plot half of the book if not more, but still, when I get past the plotting stage and I know what I want to accomplish, I can't believe how often I get bogged down from second-guessing and micro-managing everything from how a page plays out to every line of dialogue. Which is why my books end up so cluttered. Oh, well, I'm having a miserable time of it right now but it beats washing dishes again for a living, and at least I'm actually working, unlike my flip-out. Despite the setback and burnout I'm going through, I'm still getting more work done than in rceent years, it's just not been flowing smoothly, it's all pulling teeth. And it shouldn't be, but hopefully after finishing the Thing up and putting a bullet in the back of that albatross I can have fun with the other stuff. I'm a little worries about all of it because it all came down in my lap at the same time and deadlines are calling, but it's all interesting work. Although, if I had my way, I'd be happier getting back to my own stuff. But them's the breaks, as the Mummies sang, you must fight to live on the Planet of the Apes. And the problems of a comic book artists don't amount to a hill of ramen in this world.

ANyway, Mocca, yeah, that's where this started. I threw together a batch of art for sale if anyone cares, some cheap stuff, including layout sketches and doodles that start at a measly buck (hey, I'm a measly draftsman) and some spendy stuff, including a pair of M&C pages and some Dork pages,and some semi-spendy items, color pin-ups and two stuporhero drawings I did recently while waiting for ink to dry on other stuff, a Hulk pin-up (don't ask me why, honest, I don't really like the boy) and a Spider-Man bit with his Ditko/Romita rogues gallery around him. It's a small, cluttered weird cartoony thing I did in bits and pieces. I'll probbaly put these on e-bay if they come homw with me, which I expect they will. Anyway, we'll have that crap, and the buttons, and all our books that are in print, including the obscure M&C mini-comic from a few year's back, Dan sent us a few copies of that along with catalogues. We're giving out freebies as long as they last, so don't leave us all alone at the table, stop by and at least say hello so I don't fall asleep on my portfolio. I drool, and it isn't adorable. Really it's not.