June 23rd, 2003



Just a quick entyr to thank those of you out there in modem land who stopped by our table at the show. We had a great time and I was really and truly surprised at how buys we were all day. I expected things to go slowly due to the fact that we were there last year and we haven't put out any new SLG books, but we had folks at the table all day and signed a ton of stuff, including my recent Marvel work. Again, my thanks to the House of Fun faithful who came by to talk, listen to my blather, and wonder how Sarah puts up with me. The show itself was terrific, my only regret is that I didn't have any real time to check out the other tables for long. The only time we really had away from our set-up was to sign posters for a Mocca fundraiser. I also had a brief meeting regarding next year's Mocca show, which will be the new home of the Harvey Awards. The upshot is, I've agreed to return as emcee of the awards presentation, so anybody who wants to see me make a fool of myself live and in person rather than on this blog or in the funnypapers, there's your best bet. I don't know what the ceremony will be like, as plans are to start small and build, but hopefully it';ll be as much fun as the Pittsburgh events I was part of. We shall see.

Anyway, Mocca was one of the best shows we've ever attended, my thanks to the staff and folks responsible for a wonderful event. I had a great time signing and sketching and seeing some old friends and longtime readers (like Phil the Boy Genius, Mike the cop, Perfect, et al), and it was especially cool to meet some new, young readers (like Cory and Lucas), who came to Mocca with their folks. It was a really, really great thing to see happy parents and kids at a comic show where everyone was commenting on the venue, the event, and the people there with such positive words. I was really overwhelmed by how nice everyone was and the kind words people had for our work. I hope to see some of you back here in NYC in 2004, and hopefully we'll have some fun new projects to share with you all. Thanks for the great time, it was a real boost.