August 2nd, 2003


This just in...

So, it looks like we'll be attending the SPX this September after all. After a lot of hemming and hawing, Slave Labor el presidente Dan Vado has arranged for us to sit at the SLG table. So, hopefully we'll see some of you House of Fun faithful there. We'll be bringing our little selection of buttons and art and I'll be pimping the new Dork trade. Which I still haven't seen, dammit.

Tomorrow night Sarah and I will be attending an event that Mocca is putting together to announce the winners of this year's Harvey Awards. As you may know, the ceremony itself was cancelled after diffiuclties arose in presenting the evnt at tthe Pittsburgh show, and the Harveys have now been made part of Mocca. I've been asked to read the list o' winners, which is kinda cool, as in years past I got to announce the presenters but not the winners. Fascinating, no? Of even more interest is the hope that they have midget hot dogs as part of the spread. Oh, boy, midget hot dogs.

Updating our recent tales of woe...just a few dialogue revisions on Thing #4 and I am free.

I received word back from editor Joey Cavalieri re: my Bizarro sequel scripts -- one of my one-page gags didn't make the grade, but the six-pager and three other one-pagers have been accepted. Apparently, this'll be a pretty G-rated affair, which is fine by me, but I wasn't aware of that fact, and so I've gotta clean up some language in my longer strip, lose a scatalogical gag or two, take out some alcohol use and remove a sexual reference that I swear I didn't even intend to make (something about "licking women", which I swear wasn't meant as an oral sex gag. Honest. No, really, I'm serious). I do wish DC would allow the creators to get a little wilder with the gags and concepts, but it's their sandbox and they call the shots. That's why we have our own books, so we can do what we want. Anyway, I had fun working on the scripts and am looking forward to seeing what the artists do with them. I'm not sure if Joey wants me to illustrate any of the other stories, I keep forgetting to ask, but I'm hoping to be able to draw something as I had a lot of fun with Ivan Brunetti's script in the first book. I should have the revisiosn finished by Monday, along with the Thing revisions, and then I have to think up a replacement for that dead one-pager. Any character suggestions?

We're almost done with the pilot mini-bible, as well, Sarah just finished up another pass on it and it's really coming together now. It shouldn't need more than another go-around or two and then we can send that off to the Cartoon Network and start crossing our collective fingers that they let us go to script.

One thing that kept me from working on the bible these past few days is that I was asked to pitch some ideas to Mad magazine several months ago, and I finally sat down this week and got my notes together and scoured my Dork files and wrote out several pages of material. I have absolutely no idea if anything I turned in will be of interest or use to them, but it was a kick to be asked to pitch, even if pitching makes me a mental case (I hate pitching ideas, it's like auditoning, and I just become a nervous wreck, and that's why I don't send submissions out and just hope the phone rings), and even if I come up short in the long run. Anyway, I'll let you kids know how things go as soon as I hear back.

DVR report - We've been recording a lot of TCM fare, several features from the recent William Powell birthday marathon, and one or two JImmy Stewart pictures. We watch what we can when we can after knocking off from work, and so far have caught Powell in The Ex-Mrs Bradford (a likeable Thin Man-like affair w/the fab Jean Arthur sitting in for Myrna Loy), and The Last of Mrs Cheney (I think it's spelled that way, anyway, it's a weird, overly mannered and dated thing with Powell supporting Joan Crawford, further hampered by an unlikeable group of supporting characters, as well as a plank of wood romantic lead). We didn't record Love Crazy because we've seen it before, but this has Myrna Loy and the great Jack Carson and is really worth seeing, pretty solid screwball. Tonight we watched Vivacious Lady with James Stewart and a, well, vivacious Ginger Rogers. He's a professor with a stuffy dad who marries a dancehall gal after knowing her for a day. Complications ensue. Minor but fun, Ginger looks terrific, Stewart is Stewarty, and the inimitable Franklin Pangborn plays --what else -- a harried hotel clerk. We also recorded Mr Smith Goes to Washington, which I haven;t seen in ages and don't remember save for the famous speech. Jean Arthur's in it. Did I mention that I think Jean Arthur's the bee's knees? Boy, I love old Hollywood.

Finally, if you like the Bibendum, the Michelin Man or advertising collectibles, or nodders, then you might want to check out (hope I did that correctly, it's been a while since I posted an honest to goodness link. Bet I screwed it up). There's a Michelin Man Bobblehead Doll offer, which I assume is still good. Sarah ordered one for me after a friend clued us in, I doubt it cost very much, and I must say that it's a swell as hell little toy. Bib stands on a tire, smiling away, head bobbing (bobbling?), he seems completely at peace with the world of international automotive supplies. He's a substantial little sucker, too, not plastic, but made of bisque or ceramic. Anyway, a totally useless little item that you just might have to have. I love mine very much, as well as the woman who surprises me with such silly things.