August 10th, 2003



Whew, I'm really out of the loop these days. And it's my loop, to boot. Sorry for the update delays, folks, but if you're an HOF faithful, then you know my idea of a schedule calls for long silences and gaps, followed by bursts of ADD-fueled activity.

We're currently juggling so much work that I haven't been able to go near Sarah's computer -- the one with the modem -- for what seems like weeks. I know, why don't I replace my modem already? Well, the same can be said about the broken stove, leaking fridge, busted sink knobs, clogged bathroom plumbing, busted stove fan, wobbling ceiling fan, eroding concrete on the stairs outside, snapping tv, etc, etc. Overwhelmed by deadlines, weeks of book-curdling humidity, badly misbehaving cats, a small basement flood and a wave of failing appliances and domestic bad luck, we're lucky to be only eight steps on life instead of twenty. People certainly have far worse lives, but this has been a real stress-inducing summer. Everything seems to be falling apart and we just can't keep up because of our workload. We finally got our blood tests done as part of getting our medical records updated, but we haven't had time to pick up the results. I still haven't been to the neurosurgeon for my increasingly wonky arm and neck. We did take Crushinto to the vet, but he didn't have a bladder infection, which is nice, so it cost $150 to find out he's likely peeing outside the litter box because of turf wars with Jinx. And now Mimsy's joined in with the "down with litter" scene. It's a real mess, we're cleaning up after them like zoo workers, and we need to retrain them and settle everyone down, but again, work is just preventing us from making inroads. And after months of putting it off, I finally brought our car in for routine maintenance. When they put it on the lift the left front wheel came loose, the struts, et al suffered some bad damage from hitting some choice Staten Island potholes on Targee Street (I know exactly when I busted up the car, just didn't know how busted up it was). So there went another $500. Things just seem to be going that way lately, and next week we finally are getting our taxes done before the extension ends. I'm really looking forward to that. All this would be annoying enough, but the friggin' wave of ultra-humid weather here is murdering us. We don't have central air, and our books and papers are curling up, the fridge is sweating like Marlon Brando at an all-you-can-eat seafood joint, the cats are miserable (which might be contributing to their litter rebellion), and the entire town is depressed and feeling awful. Endless rain, rain, rain...I like rainy weather, but we're getting weeks of nothing but Florida-like steaminess, no sun, tons of mosquitos and flies, etc. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Anyway, enough middle class whining. We have our health. Unless the blood tests come back and say otherwise. Man, did I bitch when they took my blood, I hate needles like nazis. Ick. And I might have to go back because my pill-pusher doc wants me to have other bloody stuff checked. Ick again. If getting close to middle-aged is creepy, getting old is gonna suck.

Speaking of suck, let me update you on our fascinating world of comics. The nice news is that we've finally received our copies of the Dork trade, and we're very happy with the way it turned out. The color section looks nice, the little doodle section printed nicely, the book looks good overall, I think. There was only one minor glitch that we didn't catch, one page is cropped slightly off. And a comma dropped out in one panel. I can live with it. Hopefully that's all we'll find. And hopefully the book will ship to stores asap, I'm waiting to hear from SLG as to when it will be available.

- the Thing #4 should be out in a couple of weeks, I guess. I haven't heard if it's getting pushed back or not, whatever the case, it'll be out soon.
- We're hours away from completing the mini-bible for our pilot.
- I revised two of my Bizarro scripts and they've been accepted. I expanded a one-pager into a two-pager, but we dropped another strip ("The Black Racer On Vacation"), and I need to come up with a replacement. We also have an artist for my 6-page script, and I'm talking to Joey Cavalieri about drawing something for the book.
- I haven't received any feedback yet on my pitches to Mad. I know I always read too much into things, but from a recent phone conversation with the editor I really got the feeling that my chances of being one of the "usual gang of idiots" is up there with my winning the Pulitzer for my work on Dick Wad. We'll see what happens. You take your shots and do your best.
- Sarah's started work on the English rewrites for another Tokyopop series, and will be working on yet another series shortly. I assume she'll be announcing the titles on her journal as soon as she's given the go-ahead from Tokyopop.
- I've started the script outline for the first issue of the DC mini-series that I hope DC still wants me to do. Everything's been such a mess that I'm weeks behind on starting. I was told a while back that they'd be announcing the project at San Diego, but they held back, either because work hasn't started or they forgot about it. Anyway, I should have the first issue under control by the end of the month, I'm also trying to firm up the structure on the other issues so I avoid painting myself into too many corners.
- Similarly, I've started outlining the Hellboy:Weird Tales script I'm doing, featuring Roger the Homunculus. I'm really nervous about drawing this, to be honest. I just don't want to drift into a bad hybrid of my cartoony style and the vestiges of my old Marvel-inspired style that is still lurking in my brain. Not knocking the Marvel superhero style per se, it's just that I simply don't draw well in that style, the classic superhero/genre style. I might have gotten better at it after Fight-Man if I continued to work at it, but I went cartoony and haven't been able to go back. Which I'm okay with. But I choke when I approach genre stuff, I did a Sin City pin-up a few years back (it hasn't seen print), and I simply didn't do the idea for the piece justice because of my trying to draw ina less cartoony style. I didn't hack it, I just couldn't hack it, if you know what I'm saying. If Miller ever does another Sin City, I really think I'm going to ask if I could do a replacement piece, something snappier and more in my own style. Now I feel all depressed.
- Lastly, I'm working on the Eltingville one-shot again, albeit in drips and drabs. When I'm blocked on my scripts I hop over to the board and pencil page 3. At this rate I'll finish it three years after I die of old age.

There's a new interview with me up on the Adventures Into Digital Comics website. I think it came out fairly interesting, as opposed to my usual blather-thons I played it pretty straight and my bitching about the industry is fairly level-headed. It's a long interview, owing to the 30 detailed questions asked (!), mainly covering industry concerns. Anyway, if you're of a mind, here's the link I was given:

That's it for now, Sarah needs to get back on the computer and I need to get back to my outline. I wasn't able to go over older posts and see if there were any comments to comment on, I'll try to do that asap. Thanks for your patience, you who are still out there.