August 14th, 2003


Circling the Drain

Just a quick note/plug -- the second Dork trade collection has finally shipped to shops that ordered it. Looks pretty a-okay, I think. 112 pages, 16 in color, 4 pages of intro/afterword-type comics, some previously unseen sketches and odds and ends. End of plug.

Otherwise, the last Thing issue should be out any week now. We've just finished up the pilot bible and are crossing our fingers. Still no word, good or bad, from Mad (doesn't look good). Still can't figure out my last Bizarro page. We might have an artist for another one of my Bizarro scripts. Jill Thompson isn't able to work on the sequel to our strip in the upcoming Hauntings anthology just yet, so it looks like we won't be able to make it into the follow-up project (at least not at this time). I'm in trouble with DC because of my late start on that mini-series I still can't tell you about. I'm on it, though, so hopefully disaster will be averted and I can keep my good name. Ditto the Hellboy strip. Things are just over-freaking-whelming.

That being said, Sarah and I did get to enjoy an entire day to ourselves this past Tuesday, celebrating our second anniversary. It was a really wonderful day, I didn't even think about work for once. We even got a parking spot in the city, so we knew it was going to be a good day out on the town.

More later, when time allows. Hope everyone's well.