August 18th, 2003


Er, um -- uhhh...

Hey kids --

Things have been really crazy, between work, life and the blackout. We weren't affected badly at all, but the loss of a workday did pile up one deadline into another, and so now we're really lagging behind on work (like most folks, I'm sure). Post-blackout we did manage to finish up the bible for our Adult Swim pilot (potential pilot). Fingers crossed. Now we're finishing up an art job for another Nickelodeon magazine, and I'm finally working on the first script for that DC mini-series I mentioned a while back, among other things. Anyway, I'll try to answer/comment to the comments/questions on the "Dork trade" thread asap. Thanks to those who picked up the Dork trade, btw, and of course, to those of you reading this sporadic horsehockey. I'll try to be more on top of my journal as soon as things ease up work-wise. Around 2009, when M&C #8 ships.