August 29th, 2003


Things still suck big time

Kill this Summer. Destroy it, cut it up, stamp it out, tear it into bits and feed it to rats, small children, prisoners, anybody who's hungry, I don't care. The only thing that sucks worse than this summer is that our schedule is so screwed that now my beloved Fall will be ruined. I love the fall. It's nice out. It gets cooler, not warmer. Leaves turn cute and die, die, die all over the garden. But I have no right to Fall this year. I am late. Behind the eightball. I owe. I have not met my commitments. And the sad thing is, I am working every ding-dong day to seemingly no avail. It will be a small, trivial miracle if I can make it through the next eight weeks without getting fired off at least one project because I misjudged my workload and my ability to deal with it. Yea, verily, I am in hate with myself and deserve whatever I get.

Maybe I should get an assistant. With my luck I'd get Sisyphus as an inker ("Christ, aren't you done YET?").

Anyway, before I get back to work, the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings is out, featuring the eight-page animal ghost story I wrote and Jill Thompson illustrated in watercolor. A nicely put-together little tome for only $14.95, with Mignola's only Hellboy story for 2003, to bootsky. If you're cash-shy, just read my strip in the shop, it won't take long. Go ahead. The owner won't mind. No, really, a comic shop really IS a library.

Pray for me. Even you atheists.