September 3rd, 2003


Road to SPX with Hope and Crosby/Why Johnny Can't Write

Probably the last time I'll be posting before SPX. I don't think anyone knows we're going as it was a pretty last minute decision, but we're mainly going to see Dan Vado, SLG head honcho, for the first time in several years. Hopefully the show will be fun and we won't break down on the road like last year.

Speaking of which, I ended up shelling out another 3 bills for the car today, after shelling half a grand out just a month or so ago. Axel going, reaer brake work, inspection, blah blah blah. Cripes. I sat at Hanley's down the block for about five hours, trying to work on the Stray sequel script outline, but mostly falling asleep when not reading a book of interviews with comic writers. All these guys -- both hacks and good writers alike -- said it took them about a week or so to write a comic. I wanted to dry up and blow away. What a wimp I am. I used to be able to do that when I was starting out, I just can't anymore. I've been working on all these mainstream and commercial projects this year because, frankly, I needed the money -- but because of my sloth-like, second-guessing writing style, everything's taking me twice as long to do (if not longer) and at the end of the day I'm not only getting nowhere, I'm eating up time I need to work on my own projects. I can literally spend ten hours on a script and actually move backwards, pull it apart and mess it up so badly I cost myself an entire day and the time needed to fix it all. I've spent hours on a panel description, an hour on one line of dialogue, twenty minutes on a sound effect. And it doesn't make it great or perfect, I just hitch, second guess, micromanage, I'm so convinced I'm not articulating what I want for the artist and the editor and that it all sucks so that I keep pointlessly moving words around like deck chairs on the Titanic. My logic system is a wreck, I often end up with multiple files for one script, pulling things out to work on them, then I'll do rough breakdowns to help me out, it's just a time-consuming mess, my process has ballooned out of control. Nothing comes easy, the ideas flow, but the execution has become enmeshed in mental red tape. If I could break this wall down I could turn out so many stories a year it would be scary. If I can't beat this hitch I don't know what I'm going to do, especially since I have about seven jobs on my plate that all need to be done within the next month or two. The good thing is, this too shall pass, I'll get it done the best I can as quickly as I can, hopefully it'll all be good work, and I can mellow out and get on a more reasonable schedule asap. In the meantime, it looks like we find out tomorrow whether or not we get to go to script for the Adult Swim pilot. I'm not even sure how I feel about it, if we get it, cool but it's more work. If we don't, I have one less deadline, but it's a missed opportunity and a bummer rejection. We'll see what we'll see.

Hope to see some of you folks at the SPX, otherwise, type to ya later.