October 3rd, 2003


Hell and Damnation.

Attorneys at law.

This is my second update of the morning, you didn't see the first one because I screwed something up and it dumped before I could post it. Yeah, I know, there's ways around that, but I'm an idiot.

Condensed version. I'm still amongst the living. Working away. Still behind on everything but not for lack of trying, it's just going slowly. Things are getting done. Almost through with my Hellboy: Weird Tales script featuring Roger le Homunculus. Not quite sure if it's working or not. I like some of it, dunno about the rest, am scared crapless about drawing it because it isn't my usual cup of ink. Sure, growth, or at least change, is good, but it's also stressful and I'm up to my brain in that swill. I'm a relative newcomer to the Hellboyverse, admired the pictures but never cracked one until recently. Good stuff. Years ago, hell, two decades ago, I had long, late talks with Brian and Tony @ Eternity Comics (still friends to this day) about what we'd like to do in a comic. It evolved into something I've filed material away for over twenty years now, something that I once had Frank Cho do some designs for (before anybody knew his work), something I've pitched only once and told only a few people about, and something that Hellboy does so much better that I doubt I'll ever try doing it myself. I stopped working seriously on it in the '90's when X-Files and Buffy et al got big, and now after reading a batch of Mignola's work I almost see no point in persuing it further. I doubt I could write this sort of thing as well as he does, and I know for sure I could never draw this sort of thing half as well as he does, truly nifty, evocative, fun, creepy stuff. Great adventure comics, great comics, good fun. So hopefully my story won't suck eggs, I'll muddle through the art best as I can, editor Scott Allie knows my style and he knows he's not getting beautiful suitable-for-framing illustrations from the likes of me. Hopefully he'll get a good strip, that's my goal. But man, looking at his art and some of the stuff in Weird Tales, it's daunting and humbling, at least from the technical side of drawing.

Bizarro sequel update: Joey Cavalieri sent me the b&w art from illustrator/cartoonist M. Wartella for my six-pg Batman script. Nifty stuff, exactly what we were looking for and pretty funny , I think. Andi Watson is drawing a two-page strip I wrote (cool), no artist has been assigned to the one-pager, and I still have another page to finish up. Too many ideas, not enough good ones, maybe I'm finally tapping out on these parody things. It wouldn't be the worst thing to happen, in some ways. I still don't know if I'm drawing anything for the second book, if I do, I'll post about it. Most likely a few months after the book ships.

Once I finish up the Hellboy script I have to jump back on the second issue of the DC series I can't mention. The DC series I can't mention might have an inker, a name was chosen, everyone agreed, dunno if the name agreed. Nice sentence, that, but you get the point, I hope.

Here's something scary -- I finished a page for the Eltingville one-shot. Three down, at least 29 or so to go. Sheesh. Who says this isn't the Evan Dorkin age of comics...because it isn't!

Speaking of such things, I've been so stupid busy I had to turn down two magazine gigs, illos for a music mag. The most recent offer was a large illo of Ronnie James Dio with his thumb cut off. Apparently he cut his thumb off gardening. How metal. Anyway, I was bummed, because it sounded like a lot of fun, magazine gigs come only so often to the HOF, and they pay really, really nicely. Feh. It's my own damn fault, I just have to make sure I don't get so far behind I blow the pilot gig, I have to do that script sort of soon. Dunno when. I am a-frightened. Honest.

Hey, something not about comics. Still junky though. Cool, right? Meant to plug the Exhumed Films screening earlier than this, because iut's tomorrow, er, today. Friday the 3rd. Three zombie flicks on the big, big screen in Pittman NJ (in an old vaudeville-era theatre, to bootsky): Return of the Living Dead, Gates of Hell, and The Children. Eaaargh! $10, early show at 7:30 or so. Check out http://www.exhumedfilms.com for last minute info, you kooky NJ/NY/PA kids looking for something to do besides hanging out at the Wa-Wa's drinking the Boones Farm Apple Wine. Sarah and I are planning on going, and some of our S.I. Ape friends will be there as well. Like you care! Go see some dopey horror movies, children.

Guess that's it for now. Meant to post all sorts of things these past few weeks, but now they seem silly (sillier?) and dated. SPX, soda tasting, work, work work, Day of the Dead, Comic Art #4 (buy it), some manga, the fact that the sales charts posted on them web sites that think they know everything are always wrong (in the case of ther Dork trade, wrong by 20%, up, not down, and supposedly, in the case of the Thing, off by a large orange chunk. I mean, the series still sold badly, but supposedly less badly according to my editor. WHo knows. All I know is, them websites don't know. They guess. And then they try to write Epic books for Marvel.)Haven't been watching anything, haven't been doing anything except trying to catch up on deadlines and clean the house a little, no real bad news, no real good news. These days, in these creepy times, that's great news.

Hope you're having a nice whatever, whenever you read this. If anyone wants to ask me some questions, they're generally easier to deal with than new posts during this hectic schedule.

Later, instigators --