November 7th, 2003


El blahblahdor

Nothing much happening. Replied to the replies on the previous post. Taking part of the day off to answer some backlogged mail and apologize to people I haven't been in touch with for one reason or another. I'm actually going to go out and spend the evening with friends for the first time in months. Finished up some illustrations for Nickelodeon magazine and am crossing my fingers DC leaves my last script the hell alone so I don't have to do any revisions. Started the sequel to "Stray", hopefully I can nail that within several days, then polish the Hellboy Weird Tales script and start laying that out while juggling the thrid DC script and the skeleton for the long-delayed pilot script. Sheesh. I hope I can smooth out my schedule by year's end so I can put the Eltingville one-shot back on schedule. I'm doodling page four and scripting in drips and drabs, but the suckers gonna be at least 32 pages or so, which means I have to really kick some pages down if I'm going to release this next year. Don't even get me started on M&C #8 (unless you're going to get me to actually start it, barump-a).

I can't sleep much of late, qwell, actually, I sleep plenty, I just can't fall asleep, so I've been reading this monstrous horror anthology, which I've mostly been enjoying. Especially the two SHirley Jackson entires, The Summer People and the Beautiful Stranger (the former, esp). I've got some Tezuka books on the night table but I think I've reached my Tezuka skin limit, yeah, yeah, he's the God of COmics and all, and I enjoy his stuff, but it's so Kirby-like -- nifty visuals, crazy world view and ideas, but ridiculous execution inr egards to plotting, dialogue, characterization, etc. Flat, repetitive, hamfisted. I prefer Blackjack's wonkiness to the recent spate of releases, Pheonix is just insane poppycock, cultural differences aside, Astro Boy is just the same basic story over and over (true, it wasn't meant to be read in such huge chunks, but still...I get it already, stop war! Be kind! Respect others who are different! Don't kick your robot! O-kay!), Nextworld is just dull (and imho, DHC did a pretty lousy job on the localization. The dialogue rewrite is dead, flat and awkward, art reproduction is muddy, lettering fonts irritating and distracting. I can't even get through book one after two attempts). I'm reading some dumb book on witchcraft for the Stray sequel (it's so very really dumb). I'm also reading the new TwoMorrows Wally Wood book, which is fun, and depressing, and overpriced at $40 for a paperback. I'm pissed that the $65 hardcover has 16 extra pages in color, but what can you do. If I was a publisher I wouldn't put that kind of extra enticement into a hardcover edition, different cover design, no big deal, signed edition, okay, signed plate, okay, tipped in drawing, cool, 16 entire pages -- I think that's a bit of an f you for not shelling out even more dough, kid. It's arguably uncool, but I personally wouldn't do it to my readers. You's get the entire guts of the book and either pay for softcover or hardcover. So there.

Anyway, there's no rhyme or reason for this post (as opposed to the others?), I just felt like posting. Next few weeks should be busy but if get my act togteher and the work flows freely I can stay in touch. I sure as hell won't be losing time going to see the thrid Matrix film. Not me, sister. Those two goofs are on the list of entertainers who ain't gettin' my money no more. Foo-ey.

Guess that's the babbling for tonight.

Later, skaters --