November 20th, 2003



No time to post.

Just wanted to say hello.

Still can't sleep. Found a good substitute, though.


Speaking of which. When I post this crabbiness, it's venting, not a plea for help or sympathy. You'll know a plea for help from me when you see it. It's called Mad Dog #1-6.

Work is getting done, too slowly, far too slowly. I

There's been some good news at the HOF, and some potential bad news. None of it is earth-shattering.

Stare at a picture of Mike Myers in that ludicrous Cat in the Hat costume. Stare at the face. Stare at it. Doesn't it look like Micheal Jackson? Or, the dream image he's been working towards all these years?

New Junji Ito comic is out. GYO. It's w-w-wacky on the junk. Two words. Walking fish.

WTF? Crash Holly chokes on his own vomit at Stevie Richards house? Crash...crashed? Sheesh. From what they say, the man took the 24/7 Hardcore partying rule too seriously. I liked Crash, good wrestler, funny, entertaining character. Sheesh.

Gotta go to bed and think of all the things I did wrong today. The fun new game that's sweeping the nation. When I get up I'm gonna make comics.


More later, asap, someday. Adios, muchachos!