November 21st, 2003


Quickly --before I Kung Fu!

A few things, business related, perhaps some of it interesting to you, the HOF faithful:

The first Space Ghost Coast to Coast DVD has finally been released. Sarah and I have two episodes on this volume, Girlie Show and Jerk. Girlie Show has an audio commentary by us and producer Keith Crofford. Expect little in the way of revelations, insight or sparkling comedy. We showed up, they said go, we talked, that was it. 11 minutes gives you no time to build up a thing and they don't do a second take. So, you get what you get, for bad or good. And what can you say, really, about working on SGCTC. "I don't remember that". "We didn't write that, it was an ad lib". Fran Drescher...uh, yah." Anyway, go buy the DVD, it was a good show and good people worked on it. And no, we don't make money off the sales, we just support the Ghost. Well, we support Zorak, really, but you know what I mean.

Sarah and I did a series of spot illos for Nickelodeon Magazine. I think they came out cute. First thing I've drawn in months.

Hey -- I sold an idea to Mad magazine, which was a real surprise to me, and a real kick, especially since I assumed I'd flunked out with the pitches I had sent in some months ago. I won't be writing or drawing anything as a result of this, as they bought a feature concept which isn't an actual cartoon. I am getting credited for it, so, if nothing else, I'll have a Mad sale and have been asked to pitch some more stuff. Anyway, that was a high point for the week, and some much needed good news.

Ho -- The Stray sequel script has been turned in, but I still need to come up with the dialogue for one panel that has flummoxed the heck out of me, and Sarah as well. But it's in the pipeline, at least.

Let's Go -- The second script for the mystery DC series has been given the thumbs up, and my editor was very enthusiastic about it, to boot, which was the second piece of good news this week.

So, this leaves me to jump back on the much delayed Weird Tales script, and once I complete another pass or two on that I can start drawing the damned thing, juggling it with the third DC script, my last one-pager for Bizarro 2, some gag strips for Nickelodeon, and, oh yeah, that pilot script. If they haven't booted my ass off that by now. Things are still tight but hopefully the schedule will loosen up in the coming weeks, and then clear up by January. Then I can rest up some, drink a Jones Green Apple Soda, and figure out where it all goes from there.

Okay, I'm off to the Lawgiver's for some kung fu. Then, if the fates are kind, a decent night's sleep. Ah, sleep...