November 28th, 2003


Post Holiday Post

Everyone have a decent Thanksgiving? An endurable, tolerable holiday, at least? Hope so. We had a fine day out. Garage door broke when we got home, that sucked, and one of the cats greeted us with a pool of urine on the floor as a gift, but all in all, we gave thanks for not getting killed on the New jersey Turnpike like some other folks did. Ate too much, of course, then ate some more, to really do my duty as an American and get in on this hip new obesity thing. Mmmm, boy, them big portions is the way to go. I feel like a new man and a half.

We DVR'd the Macy's parade, because while I despise 85% of that junk, I am a big stupid kid for the floating advertisement balloons. With DVR we can skip through the banal host banter, the "feel-good" marching band stories ("they sold crack and their own kidneys to be here today, so they can show all of America just how lousy a marching band sounds and how fat high school kids can get and still stuff themselves intoa twenty-two year old smelly band uniform), the inept Bob Hope tribute (it would have killed him if he wasn't groundbound already), the tinny, awkward and kinda awful Broadway show recreations (esp the shitty child actor playing Peter Allen in that Boy from Oz fiasco shaking his ass on a piano, my god I wanted someone from the grassy knoll to open fire on him), the friggin' commercials and the pimping of upcoming NBC programs -- wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, the balloons. Our favorites are the Macy's designs, the recreations of the old 40's and '50's balloons like the fireman, the elf, etc. So, of course, since they're not sponsored (paid for as commercials), they get shafted for camera time. The elf was blocked by graphics, and a few others got nosed out for %$&!* Barney and Arthur, world's dullest cartoon character after Fred Basset. I know, they're just stupid balloons and I'm supposed to be so mean and cynical and blah blah blah, but the kid in me still likes the parade even though the adult all around me can't watch 90% of it and curse at the tv for endless hours. My interest in the balloons revived after I researched the parade for the Dork #10 Devil Puppet strip (some of the facts in that bit are real, they used to releases the balloons and let people bring them back for money). I like the workmanship on some of the floats, I liked that they had a cross-dressing, openly gay man playing a character from Hairpsray playing Mrs Claus (and upsetting thin skinned ding dongs across the country, apparently), and I like the balloons themsleves, god damn me. It's a shame the parade is basically one long commercial for shows, toys, candy and Broadway, but that's life in these United States. SO, I face my Macy's Parade love/hate and await next year. Maybe they'll have a Paris Hilton balloon.

Well, I'm gonna go Kung FU soon, so I'm just about out of here. I did hear back from Scott allie at DHC today and the Stray sequel script has been accepted, so, yay for that, hopefully I haven't ruined Jill Thompson's schedule with my being later than anyone expected. I'll spend the weekend hammering the Roger script for Hellboy WT into shape, then lock myself into the studio to draw that sukcer up. Once that's done, for good or bad, and hopefully it'll be at least decent, I'll have a lot off my back. The trick is, in 2004, not to put too many monkeys up there again.

In brief: The Happiness of the Kirikaris (sp) is a very strange movie. Sundance is running it here and there, since they own about eight movies there's a good chance it'll be on again, unless they opt to run Smoke seventeen times a day. The cable guide plot is el wrongo, so don't expect a zombie movie if you've read that. Anyway, if you have a chance, try sitting through it. Oddly charming, charmingly odd, not great, but not anything you've seen before. Trust me on that. Directed by the nutball who did Audition.

Also caught a wonderful WIlliam Powell/Myrna Loy film, I Love You Again, which we weren;t sure if we'd seen before. We had, but it's worth a second shot. Powell gets conked on the head and realizes he's been living as another person for nine years. He's a con man, now a respectable and uptight businessman ina small town. Loy's divorcing him, and he juggles wooing her with trying to scam the town. neat plot developments and even a crappy movie with Powell and Loy is worth your time, Hollywood can't reproduce that charm with all the CGI and silicone in thw world. The great character actor Frank McHugh is the buddy, but he doesn't do his patented laugh once in the movie, which is weird. Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer has a small bit as a boy scout, and it looked to us like another boy scout was unhappy child actor cum Barette cum accused wife-killer Robert Blake. What a planet, eh?

So, has anyone read a good comic lately?

And I leave it at that until next time, whenever that time may be. So until that time, may your time be a fine time all of the time.