December 8th, 2003


Um. Uh. Forgot what I was going to type.


Hope those of you on the northeast tip of things didn't get hit too hard by the blizzard. We had quite a batch to shovel. I really have to get real snow boots one of these days, I almost slipped several times in the stedad's 'Nam jungle boots. Not primo quality winter-proof shoes. And the shovels need replacing. You only think about that sort of crap while you're actually shovelling, you promptly forget about buying shovels or boots as soon as you lurch back inside and drop on the couch. I'll forget about it until the next storm. Silly human nature, silly human.

As usual, not much happening save work. Sarah's finished up her latest Tokypop rewrite. We have some spot illo work for a Nickelodeon magazine, finished the roughs and sent them off today. I finished some revisions on the Hellboy:Weird Tales script (I muffed some of the dialogue for Roger the Homunculus, a hard character to capture, "voice"-wise, due to his taciturn nature). I've begun layouts on the story, assembling my prelim sketches that I want to use as the basius for specific panels, gathering and collating the reference I've been collecting. I'm pressed for time on this job, and nervous about the drawing, but hopefully I'll pull something off that at least looks decent and serves the story. As I've said, I can't compete with the technical draftsmanship of any of the Weird Tales contributors, just do the best I can in my own scuffed kitchen sink style. And pray I can get it done asap. Once I'm done with this strip I can breathe a little easier. Sort of. At least then I'd only have two late jobs hanging over my head. What else..?

The Stray sequel script revisions are done.

I'm in the middle of designing some items for an interesting little event, more info on that if it happens and I don't have to bow out due to my schedule.

If all goes well I might be able to jump back on the Eltingville one-shot in early 2004. If I can book on that, I hope to have it shceduled for the end of the year.

We might have some further interesting news from the HOF and SLG in '04. It's pretty funny, and things look good for it to happen, but you never know. So, for now, the mouth is zipped.

I'm going to be stuck in the house, chained to the art table for the next few weeks, fretting over Hellboy and how badly I'm doing picking up holiday presents for friends and the wife. Ugh ugh ugh. This happens every year. My grandfather turns a frail 90 in a coupla weeks, I don't know what to get him, either. I'm lousy with presents, it plugs into my whole decision making/need to be liked/fear of screwing up complex. Holidays are supposed to make people happy but according to studies people become mondo bongo tense little apes right around the time obnoxious ads pop up on tv with Santas for hire and "adorable" midgets in elf costumes. I wish the Bumble would lay waste to the lot of 'em.

Sudden left turn rant mode: Y'know what ads really drive/drove me up the wall? Anything with Shaq. Goddamned Shaq. I especially loathe the Radio Shack nightamres. Accesories? Shaqcessories. Fuckyoucessories. The man's been in, what, seven hundred commercials? And a couple of "movies" (so god-awful even the editor didn't see them). And I assume he was born with that mouth, right? So when is he going to learn to speak like a human being and not some lab experiment whose batteries are running down. Goddamned Shaq. How he irks me.

I've been listening to a lot of old radio programs that Sarah has been bootle-- obtaining for me. Suspense, Escape, Burns and Allen, Alice Faye and Phil Harris. Susepnse has adapted stories Woolrich, Hammett, Cain and Lovecraft, with such actors as Orson Welles, Boris Karloff, Myrna Loy, Vincent Price, a veritable who's who of classic Hollywood has stepped up to the mike for that show. Sarah's also put together a lot of old radio ads and sponsor spots for us to listen to. I really enjoy drawing to this stuff (books on tape, as well). I can't write with spoken word material on (save for Joe Frank's show, for some reason), but it keeps me company while or drawing. It's really good for inking, I find I become more relaxed occupied with the show, and less frazzled about what I'm doing with the pen or brush.

There's a batch of old time radio (OTR) out there for those who are crafty with the computers, if you know what I mean. Maybe Sarah can post where to look. Lots of comic-related character programs have been posted, Superman, Terry and the Pirates, Little Orphan Annie, etc. Even the rare Gasoline Alley. Walt having adventures -- with a gun? What the huh?

Speaking of Joe Frank, I don't have a link for his site or work, but would be a place to find him as they broadcast his shows every Thursday night. Frank produces these hour-long radio shows, intense stories/monologues with music and effects, sometimes he puts together more conceptual/themed shows featuring actors. Not every show is a knockout, but I love his writing, his flair for dredging up surreal imagery and situations, and his vocal delivery is absolutely hypnotic. Local NY area folks can check the show out on WNYC (820 AM, there's an FM feed as well) at 11 PM Sundays. I like the current series that's running on FMU and NYC, but on the whole his older shows are more enjoyable, imho, and FMU might have those shows archived. Anyway, give a listen if you're so inclined.

That's the babbling this time around. Hope all you tots are well out there in internet land.

Say goodnight, Gracie.

HYPE - Charity Auction M&C Drawing

Hey, just wanted to let you folks know about a charity auction for one Wes Tillander, a comics dealer who was in a serious accident and has incurred some hefty medical bills. I drew a color M&C piece for the auction, just like the ones I do for cons/e-bay. They normally go for $150-$200, but this one looks like it can be yours for less as I didn't see a reserve on it (and it's sitting at a mere $36). So, if this is of any interest to you, I think the link below will get you to the auction. If I screwed up (very likely), just go to e-bay and search for "Dorkin" (oy, that name) and it'll pop up. There's about a day and a half left. Anyway, every bit helps and this is a nice way to get a M&C drawing and help someone out a bit.