December 23rd, 2003


Merry Happy

It's that time to wish you all a happy whatever the hell. So, have at thee.

I'm not having a terrible time this year, which is nice for a change -- although it's been too hectic and exhausting and I haven't been able to get any work done. It's been so nuts I basically stopped blaming myself for not being able to work, I simply haven't had the time, between family stuff, gift shenanigans, and the like. This year was crazy because I fell behind on birthday gifts for practically everyone I know, so I doubled up presents for X-mas. And we had a rough time getting some people gifts, I can get really freakled out trying to buy stuff for people, it plugs into a lot of my brain troubles. A few minutes ago I just found out one of my friends already has something we bought him, ho ho ho, that's rich. We already owed him one more present and now we're last-minute flummoxed on two gifts. Ugh ugh ugh. I despiute the false but very real pressures of the holidays.

Otherwise, we easily survived a Hannukah get-together at my sister's, which also served as a surpirse 90th birthday party for my grandfather. Luckily, he did not drop dead of a heart attack when he walked in the apartment, which was a fear sewveral people had re: the "surprise" nature of the deal. He's too slow-moving to have had that kind of strong reaction, I think, maybe it'll reach him in a few weeks. Anyway, I ate too many midget hot dogs and little knishes, not knowing they were serving dinner. Then I ate too much dinner. It felt good, I haven't been eating too healthy these days, and am loving it. AFter New Year's I'll go back to the gym. Right now I'm donut-mad. So, any time we get through a family affair without people getting into fights or suffering crying jags or breaking things (well, , actually, my attention-starved young niece did break a glass, nicely following up the Passover destruction of a ceramic piece at my aunt's when she threw a stamping tantrum), is a time for celebration. Huzzah. Merry everything.

I just remebered I still have to wrap Sarah's gifts. I'm terrible at wrapping presents. Once I had Sarah close her eyes and wrap her gift. A few times I've resorted to tin foil. I am not a jolly type when it comes to wrapping, I am all thumbs and curse words.

Speaking of Christmas. Well, typing of Christmas...anybody eyeball the full-size working replica of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story? It clocks in at $250. I would happily accept this as a gift (hint hint to my rich internet friends). After all, it is a major award.

Here's a rare comics plug: The new Drawn and Quarterly volume looks absolutely fantastic. I haven';t picked it up yet, as I'm sort of on a comics hiatus, reading dopey books without pictures for some stupid reason of late. ALso, I'm a little low on funds for the big books, even with my discount, I think it has something to do with spending a lot oin stuff and not working and making money this month. I'll ask my accountant, unless that's something he'd charge for. I'll be pikcing that sucker up in a few weeks, maybe I can spring for Palomar, as well, which calls to me like a paper siren every time I stalk through the aisles of the comic shop. My local shop has several of each, so there's very little chance of either book disappearing soon ("art comics" tend to sit a while at the Satan Island JHU). But if you find some extra dough, and are of the sort who likes them sort of things, they -- along with the Frank Book and a few other recent handsome hardcover collections -- are sitting on the shelves of a few dozen decent comic shops awaiting adoption by some lucky reader. Remember -- give yourself the gift of comics -- because your friends and relatives have no goddamned clue how to buy them for you. And they'd probably be more comfortable scoring heroin for you than entering a comic shop. Har har har, I am a grinch in the direct market.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm typing this on my new keyboard, with the assistance of my new computer. Sarah still has more stuff to do with it, I dunno what's going on, it's not metagigging it's frammistat or networking the kadoodle, something like that. I hope Santa brings me a brain.

Have a nifty holiday, kids. Avoid turkey franks, nasty hangovers and drunk drivers, and I'll talk to you when I talk to you. Ciao!