January 8th, 2004


Sarah's Tokypop work, Dorbel, I hate the war,

Yesterday Tokyopop released the first volume of Snowdrop, a Korean teen romance comic for which Sarah is providing the english rewrites. She's also working on a Tokypop manga series which will debut in April, DNAngel, which has more genre elements and whatnot thrown into the romance mix. The final volume of Kodocha (10), the first series she worked on, recently shipped to comic shops (apparently this is a favorite series of Phoebe Gloekner's daughter, pretty crazy). Kodocha seemed to do nicely in book stores, heavy orders and reorders were seen at the book stores we've been to, which certainly contrasts with the low action in comic shops. Amazing.

I'm actually drawing comics these days, breaking ground on the Roger strip for Hellboy: Weird Tales. Most of the layouts are done, and I'm transferring them to the page with the lightbox and tracing paper patches. Slowly, slowly, but surely. Well, not so surely, I'm nervous as hell, but I'm working, so get off my back, lemme alone. It does feel kind of exciting to be drawing again, hopefully the energy will ramp up and the mood hold and I'll produce a good story. I'm so tight for time, though, all my own fault (see contest), I need to pull this off asap so I can jump back to the DC thing and see where I stand with several other accounts.

Anyone listen to the NPR report yesterday on the over nine thousand troops evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan for serious injury or illness? That's 9,000, and there's no clear, organized or officially released info on how seriously those people are hurt, how many are crippled for life, blinded, paralyzed, etc. Where's the reporting on this stuff? Why aren't people more upset about the lack of information and the general clampdown on real news and images from this war? If we're supposed to support our troops, and the administration is so behind our people, why aren't we more interested in what's actually, honestly happening to them over there? Bad enough the military figures on casualties haven't included non-combat deaths (accidents, Hummer flips, etc), not only is there nil reportage on the seriously injured and sick, the gov't doesn't have a clear accounting of these soldiers. How difficult could it be to compile this information, esp. with computers and all? My feelings about the war aside, I don't see why the troops are treated like this, lionized on the one hand, ignored on the other, swept to the side by the need for the government to keep the negative aspects of war as quiet as possible. ALl these people with patriotic bumper stickers and flags on their cars, driving their hummers to Home Depot to Toys R Us to Target while talking on their cel phones while eating their Taco Bell their McDonalds while drinking their Starbucks double triple crap coffee, supporting our troops, but not knowing what the hell's going on with them or questioning why they don't know anything other than the daily death toll, the bomb reports, and the occasional captures. The football stats, nothing more. Look, I have no great knowledge or wisdom about what's going on these days, but I do know one thing. I hate a palatable war.

So, what to do to forget how much everything makes me crazy? I buy a toy. This week, one of the bestest toys ever -- the DORBEL vinyl figure designed by the amazing Jim Woodring. Woodring's toy creations have all been fabulous, the Shiva figure, the Crazy Newts and Imperial Newts from Sony, and now the Dorbel, a sly-looking, wonderfully painted Woodring nightmare trapped in a Toho monster body. I buy far fewer toys these days (in fact we're in the process of culling our collection), but I've been looking forward to this baby for months and am happy to have it on my desk. There's another Woodring figure due soon, luckily Previews is now carrying many of these items so they aren't as pricey as some of the urban vinyls and kubricks available through local toy stores (Toy Tokyo, Kid Robot) or even on-line. Toy Tokyo has had the second series of Universal Monsters Kubricks, Sarah and I bought several around the holidays and they're really nifty. I have two doubles from series 2, the Mole People and the Phantom of the Opera. Anybody got a Wolfman (I don't have any series 1 figs) or Invisible Man for trade or sale?

Well, that's the babbling this time around. I'm gonna be staying in a bunch this coming week, cold weather's coming in and we have work to do while under the weather, feh. maybe it'll allow me to post more, I answered a batch of responses to the previous thread, and will wrap up the contest soon.

ciao, bellies.