January 12th, 2004



Just checking in. Sarah's been sick with a wicked cold this past week, bad enough to keep her on the couch doing a lot of reading and a lot of crossword puzzles. I keep thinking I'm catching her cold but it never quite gets past the scratchy throat/runny nose stage, so I'm still plodding through on the Hellboy art. The job is really heavy with reference, at least for one of my stories (not much ref in a Milk and Cheese strip, bottle, baseball bat, broken bottle, piece of cheese, et al), so it's going slower than I would like/DHC would like. I also banged up my drawing hand/arm the other day slipping on the stairs (I was wearing wooly winter socks and slipped like a putz) and that made for a bad day of drawing. But it's moving along and I'm working everyday and I think the pencils look promising so far. I think. Not as cartoony as I'd originally planned, when I'm intimidated by a gig I tend to tighten up and fall back onto the atavistic remnants of childhood desires to be a Marvel artist, but I'm taking care to make the job look attractive and tell the story as decently as possible. Hopefully I can reign this all in with time for Sarah to scan, clean and color the job, it's pretty detailed so I hope it isn't too much of a coloring nightmare for her. Speaking of nightmares, my schedule is still a car wreck, I had hoped it would be cleared up by now but it looks like I have another two or three months of catching up before I can see where things are going. ugh. I'm also trying to make some appearance plans in the next few days, we've been invited to a bunch of local events/shows, I-Con in Long island, a store signing, Orca Con, etc. I'm going to try to do some of them, I'll let you folks know where we'll be and when as soon as it's settled. At this point the only show Sarah and IU are definitely doing is MOCCA in June. Otherwise I'm reading more Bester and trying to keep Mr Jinx and Crushinto from fighting on the bed while we're trying to sleep (they woke us up three times this morning). I'm making progress on the Bester, none with the cats. We watched an episode of American Choppers while eating dinner last night, and caught an Ann Sheridan movie the night before (a goofy '30s WB programmer called Little Miss Thoroughbread), but that's been about it for media saturation here at the HOF. Sarah's watched a few things while she's been couch-bound, but I've been estranged by the TV for the most part. I've been listening to WFMU while I work, Albert Brooks comedy records, and episodes of the radio series Suspense from 1947.

Well, I've got to go run some errands and get back to the ol' drawing board. Later, skaters.
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