January 14th, 2004


Current HOF Production Schedule

In response to a reader's post concerning a lack of information on what we're currently up to, I've decided to rundown recent and current and forthcoming projects. One day this will be handled regularly on the website, but most folks check in here for news these days and I figured I'd get it all down for those that are interested/new to this blog.

In 2003 I wrote two issues of Marvel's AGENT X series (#10-11) featuring my 1993 character Fight-Man. The book works as a sequel for F-M so those who liked the one-shot might want to dig up these back issues. I also wrote STARTLING STORIES: THE THING -- NIGHT FALLS ON YANCY STREET, a four issue mini-series with a title longer than most comic plots. For Dark Horse I wrote "Stray" for the DARK HORSE BOOK OF HAUNTINGS, with painted art by Jill Thompson. I put out the second Dork trade, CIRCLING THE DRAIN, and contributed a cover and a Milk and Cheese strip to SLAVE LABOR STORIES, SLG's Free Comic Book Day release. Sarah and I did a batch of illo jobs for various NICKELODEON MAGAZINES (Nick, Nicktoons) and some comics for their Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Oddparents specials, and we sold a story to the CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR cartoon series. We also began work on a proposed pilot for the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, for which we've completed the series bible and main character designs. For Tokyopop, Sarah handled the English adaptation rewrites for the 10 volume KODOCHA series, the last volume of which was recently released. The first SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST DVD recently shipped, featuring two episodes we wrote, and we mumbled through an audio commentary track for "Girly Show".

MAD #438 shipped today, featuring a small bit of business that I came up with in the new "Fundalini" section. Astute readers of my work will surely be able to guess which short bit in there was my stupid idea. I'm currently pitching a full page strip they're interested in, and they want to buy a gag panel I sent them, although that might not happen because it's based on a running bit from Dork and we're not sure if they'd own the bit (Mad owns everything you do). So we'll see how that goes, however it goes they're still asking me to keep pitching, so there's hope for something down the line. Sarah's doing rewrites for Tokypop's SNOWDROP series, volume one shipped last week, and she's also working on DNANGEL, which ships in April, I believe. I'm working on a 10 pg strip for the final issue of HELLBOY:WEIRD TALES, bumped from earlier issues because I'm a dingus. The story features Roger the Homunculus, and isn't a "ha ha" story but has some funny things in it (I think). Sarah will be handling the colors on it, and she helped out with some dialogue as well, otherwise I'm doing the rest of it. I've also written a 12 pg sequel to the Hauntings strip, which is called "Thye Unfamiliar", and is going to run in THE DARK HORSE BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT later this year. Jill Thompson is once agin painting the story (she's also going to be in the eighth Weird Tales issue). At DC I'm one third finished with the scripts for a SIX-ISSUE MINI-SERIES that has a very well-known creator on board as penciller. I'm very happy with the first two scripts, even better, my editor is very happy with them. The series isn't scheduled and might get pushed into 2005, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait. I've also written several strips for the BIZARRO COMICS sequel, a 6-pager drawn by illustrator/cartoonist M.Wartella, a two-pager drawn by Andi Watson, and two one page strips with artists TBA. Haven't been asked to draw anything for the book, now that I come to thinbk of it. Huh. We still have to write that Adult Swim pilot script one of these days, unless they give us the boot. I'm also set to do some small running gags for a future issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, and we've done some Mini-Mates action figure designs for a gallery-type show toy maker Art Asylum is putting together. I have some of my old strips running in Spain's El Vibora magazine from time to time (?), and a Noprweigan cartoon magazine is set to run my work this year (??). I might be doing another shirt design for the upcoming WFMU benefit if time allows. And finally there's a fun upcoming project in the early stages at SLG, I think there's an excellent chance of it coming together for later this year and if all goes well we'll be making an announcement soon.

Once I clear up the schedule, hopefully by mid-late Spring, I plan to get back to the ELTINGVILLE one-shot/wrap-up, and get those four monkeys off my back sometime this year. I have three pages done so far, and most of the covers, but there's a ways to go as the issue should run over 24 pages. I have four pgs done for MILK AND CHEESE #8, but no clue as to when I'll be able to build on that. Dork #11 has two finished pages and a nearly-finished cover (or back cover, haven't decided). And I still have a fully-drawn 16 page One Punch Goldberg story waiting for when we can find the time to put together the long delayed Action Girl Co-Ed Special. These things happen. I've also been discussing doing more things with Scott Allie at DHC for their horror line/maybe another script for their series of harcover books. But first I need to catch up on work I accepted a year ago. Eesh.

We're going to be doing more appearances this year (seeing as how last year we only did one show that won't be too hard to accomplish). So far we're only doing local events, we're set for MOCCA in NYC (June 26-27) and we've agreed to do I-CON in Long Island (March 27-8) and a store signing in late April. The latter two events are still tentative at this point in time, though. We might also be doing the ORCA show in early June and I've been asked to do a talk at NYU but I haven't heard back from them in a while so maybe they read one of my books and wised up. We're skipping San Diego once again, and we're probably skipping SPX. But you never know.

Okay, that's a lot typing, sorry, but now I can refer folks to this post when they e-mail about this sort of thing. Guess we could've posted it to the website, maybe we will. Duh. I am a creature of impulse. Now I gotta get back to work if any of this stuff is going to see the dim light of comic shops.