January 15th, 2004


Shovel off to Buffalo

Just finished shoveling out the HOF. We had a heavy snowfall but the actual snow was powdery and easy to move, the problem was it's so damned cold out (below zip with the wind, of which there's a lot on my block, it whips up the borad street, up our hill, and in my face), I kept having to come inside and throw my gloves on the electirc heater downstairs. It's pretty brutal out there and app[arently the unseasonably cold(er) weather won't be ending for a few days. Brrr. I did a half-assed job in the backyard, just enough so the cats who were in our yard last night can find their way to shelter area we set up. Glad I stocked the HOF for bunker mentality work sessions, I'm not going outside again unless the friggin' joint is on fire.

A coupla small bits and I'm gone: Kept meaning to point out a small fundraiser going on at my favorite radio station, WFMU. As an enticement for your $45, they've reprinted the beautiful Chris Ware "Learn Radio" t-shirt design which was a 1996 premium. A gorgeous design and a nice addition to your Ware collection, plus a boost to a free form station you should be listening to on the web (WFMU.org). They also have some older premiums available, including a Kaz shirt for Glen Jones show, and last year's Jones/X-Ray design by yours truly. Anyway, pop over to wfmu.org and I'm sure they'll have info on the offer and other premiums.

Stray thought -- several years ago I said in my Comics Journal interview/debacle that Tony Millionaire's Maaakies strip didn't float my boat. I hereby officially reverse my decision. I've been enjoying Maakies for a while now, it's a fine, funny and often beautiful strip and Drinky Crow is a great character.

I finished up Alfred Bester's Demolished Man and the Redemolished anthology, both from I-Books. Loved the books, ticked off at the editions, which were saturated with typos and grammatical errors, to the point where it became irritating and disruptive. Sometimes the sentences were broken in two, and a new sentence begun in the middle of one, all because the spellchecker let it pass and apparently no one bothered to proof the galleys. I'm a typo-mite on these boards, but these are professionally published/edited books, not blogs. I'm seeing this happen more and more with books where someone obviously trusted the computer way too much. I ask you, who spellchecks the spellcheckers?

So far the I-Book edition of The Stars, My Destination has been okay, if I jump onto The Deceivers next we'll see if they cleaned up their act. I dunno if I'm going to overdose on Betser or not, time will tell. I haven't been reading as much lately owing to work. Speaking of which, I gotta get back to the board.