January 17th, 2004


Saturday on Staten Island

While I was out running errands and Xeroxing Hellboy roughs, I saw this on the signboard at a local church:


Lovely, huh? God bless religion and the gentle messages of hope, peace and love it spreads to the masses. Two weeks ago I saw this little gem outside a church on Targee Street:


Yikes! Sounds like something Bush should steal as a reelection slogan for '04. What's with all the not-so-veiled threats in these messages of the lord (as interpreted by some dingus mortal who put the letters on the board). Where's the love, religious people? L-O-V-E. I also spent five minutes behind an SUV plastered with so many anti-abortion, pro-god and anti-secular bumper stickers that I was amazed the rear door didn't fall off. Of course the person at the wheel who supposedly cares so much about life drove through a stop sign and cut me off when I had the right of way. I guess if a fetus was at the wheel he would have abided by the traffic safety rules. Sheesh.

This is why religion scares heck outta me (along with faith-based wars, evangelists, hypocrisy, the business of worship, fundamentalists, cultists, child abuse in the Catholic Church, homophobia, sexism, etc etc) , and Staten Island unnerves the heck outta me. I don't have a problem with religion per se, I know folks who are religious and don't wear it like armor and bash people over the head with their belief, and folks for whom religion has helped them cope with the world, more power to them if that's what they want/believe/need. It's just not for me, and like many people I have a big problem with organized religion, for the usual reasons people sometimes do. And that includes my own nutty faith. So, I guess I'm "prey". Pray for me.

And I must say the people at the Shoprite I dealt with today sure as hell weren't acting very courteous and Christian. Grouchy, bickering, whiny, pushy little crowd. Guess the Christmas shine is off the Big apple. If we were driving cars instead of pushing carts it would have been a fifty car pileup with more dead in fist fights afterwards. Going to the supermarket or post office out here is becoming so soul-deadening it's unbelievable. This borough is finally starting to completely wear me out.

Enough grousing. Back to the board. I just realized, I have to draw a burnt church for page three. Coincidence, I assure you.
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