January 21st, 2004



I was going to post about spending two hours chopping ice on the sidewalk and stairs last nigh and how this has screwed up my arm, drawing hand and life, but forget that. I was also thinking about posting about some books I read. Fah. Here's all I want to pass your way.

Howard Dean's speech last night, was the greatest meltdown ever. He's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore. Not since watching Ric Flair collapse in the ring after cutting a red-faced whackjob promo have I ever seen such a display. I expected the crowd to shout "WHooooo''!" and then Hulk Hogan would do a run-in. Speaking of Hogan, Tom Sharpling at WFMU is in need of some Hogan promo MP3's. The reason? Because he needs to augment the most numbfuck brilliant-ass wonk audio collage I've ever heard. Tonight on his latest "Best Show on WFMU" (Tuesday's, 8-11 PM), Tom had a montage made of Dean's freakout mixed with the infamous track made of a Venom concert in New Jersey, where they cut out all the music and left in nothing but lead singer Cronos' moronic stage banter (i.e., screaming shrill stupidity). Anyway, Dean and Cronos are one. As Tom says, Dean is into the rock. He is rock. "HE'S INTO IT". He is quite the Cronos, to bootski. And then they mixed in a ranting QVC-type nut selling baseball cards, and it was a holy trinity. Anyway, they need Hogan. Anyone with MP3's of Hogan cutting promos should contact Sharpling at WFMU.org, look for his name/show etc. I'd appreciate any help you can give because the Venom/Dean remix had me laughing so f'ing hard I couldn't work for ten minutes, I thought I'd bust a gut. If anyone wants to hear this infernal brilliance, again, WFMU.org has archives, and I'm sure the show will be available soon, it would obviously be tonight's show if you go looking sometime soon. I think it's worth it, in fact, the show was a good one, good music, a good "theme" (based on VH1's show where they get (largely) cruddy new wave bands back together Tom tried to reunite the quite un-cruddy band Big Dipper in one night). He also has an amazing call from an old prank jerkster who was banished from the show, a gas station employee from NY who loves/hates Tom and wants to worship/kill him very badly/sadly. For those who haven't heard it, and let's face it, WFMU has the audience of a better-selling indy comic, small but enthusiastic and loyal, Sharpling's show is part music, part intentional comedy, part performance art, sometimes interview , sometimes put-on, sometimes brilliant, almost always funny and/or interesting. Give it a few tries on the dial or the computer. Honest. And listen to Dean front Venom and sell baseball cards. Oh god, I love the radio and America.

Good night and god bless, and don't forget -- if you don't pray, then you become pray.

PS: Contest winner soon. Hellboy pencils looking pretty good. Back hurts. Am still prey.
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