January 25th, 2004



Didn't get up until almost 5 in the afternoon. This is day three of a self-imposed exile to the drawing board and I think I'm starting tio crack. The Hellboy pages are looking pretty good, definitely my best "straight" pencilling job, but it's tortuous, I'm spending too much time on each panel and I'm falling behind if I want to get this puppy out on time. One thing interrupting my work is that my hands are all dried out and cracked, after chopping ice on the sidewalk last week they split and bled and the weather and my constant hand washing to clean pencil off my palms and fingers did further damage, to the point where I have cracked, beet-red dishpan right drawing hand. At least it stopped bleeding the other day, and today after treating it the swelling and dryness is fading. Sheesh. Bad time for the mitt to go wonk on me. And there's supposed to be more snow on the way, which I hope does not happen as I can't afford to lose the time shovelling or further screw up my digits. We'll see.

Sarah's been chained to her computer getting a Snowdrop rewrite ready for tomorrow, so both our schedules are shot. We get up, check the e-mail, clean cat boxes, see if there are any strays in the backyard needing food, then get to work. It's like old times, and to be honest, while I hate the schedule (going to sleep in the dark and waking up in the dark sucks), I'm enjoying getting the work done and making comics. Just wish I had a little more time, a better sleep schedule and some time for the gym or a movie. But I can't complain, it's been months since I've enjoyed doing comics and a long time since I've done a strip, so hopefully I'll get enough done that Sarah can start the coloring process and I can finish up while she's on the first batch of pages. And hopefully the job will be well-received, this isn't my typical kind of strip so I'm nervous about how it plays. Anyway, back to the board. Stay warm, kids.
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