January 27th, 2004


Jack Paar, toys, comics, this horrible world we live in

Didn't even know he was still alive until I found out he was dead.

I have always liked Paar, albeit coming only from reading about him and a flurry of clips and documentary stuff I've seen of him over the years. I love the idea of someone doing live television largely without a script, talking to different types of "celebrities" without discussing the questions beforehand, conducting conversations rather than serving up endless movie plugs, making fun of people and institutions without coming off as miserable and self-absorbed. I liked that he walked off the show after the network pulled a joke, and I wish TV wasn't so structured and strait jacketed. Not that the "Golden Age" of TV was Valhalla, but I'm fascinated by the era when they weren't exactly sure what the hell they were doing so they did everything. Now they do everything and it all feels the same. Maybe it felt like that back then as well. Anyway, I'd rather watch reruns of the Paar show than Leno or Letterman. Any day.

meanwhile, at the HOF, we just received a picture of three of our Art Asylum Mini-mate toys in production for the toy/design show they're assembling. Sarah and I were knocked out by what we saw so far, the sculpts are dead on to our designs, very nifty indeed. It's the first toy I've ever designed and seen brought to life (we had an aborted Milk and Cheese set collapse spectacularly two years ago, along with the M&C beer mug fiasco) and it's pretty cool. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a toy idiot, old and new, and this is a lot of fun. I would love to design some vinyls or rotocast figures someday, but at least I'm getting to see these prototypes of my drawings being put together. I wish the show wasn't in Florida, as there's no time for us to fly there just for this. Unless I quit work and pick up some gin. Then all bets are off.

Currently my favorite toys are various Kubricks, Qee Bears and some vinyl figures like Woodring's Dorbal. Looking fwd to his next design. Monsterism honcho Pete Fowler's doing a signing at Kid Robot NYC in Feb but we'll be in the middle of HB and can't go. These things happen. We've been stuck in the house so much lately that I'm almost glad we're getting so much snow and ice sumped on us, you don't feel so bad when you can blame the weather rather than deadlines. If we get the supposed 9" of snow tomorrow I'm gonna plotz, my arm's shot from the last shovelling bouts and work. Eh. What can you do?

Besides patch it, with the vinyl repair kit.

The latest Nickelodeon issue features several spot illos by Sarah and I. Once again she was uncredited, Bleagh. We're on the same page as the great Roger Langridge, tres exciting, and M Wartella's on the other page of the spread, he who has drawn one of my Bizarro 2 strips. Speaking of which, I guess I'm not drawing anything for the book, now that I come to think of it. I thought Joey C was going to hand me a script to draw but there's no room at the inn, methinks. Oy vell.

Otherwise, same old, same old. Working on HB. Fell behind after page 5 took over a day and a half to get the damned thing straight. Page 6 is another nutbuster, a large panel with a bit of detail. This one's really looking decent, but it's also really coming down to the friggin' wire.

If I haven't plugged Dirk Deppey's newsblog over at tcg.com in a while, I'm replugging it now. It's the only comics news site I check into, and it pretty much covers the more important/interesting/oddball stuff while eschewing the usual horsehit/sales crap that plagues the superhero obsessed sites, which you can check out to find out who's in the Avengers these days and who cares about such things. The Egon website is also valuable, and the EGon guy has taken over running the resurrected Indy Magazine site. No links, because I stinks/

I've been following the New Hampshire primary for days now and just listened to a few hours of commentary and news on it and I realized I doin't much care so what the hell was I doing all that time?ecting a candidate to fire me up? God I hate politics. It's just all so fucking political.

I go play with comics pages now and try to shut out the world around me. Sarah showed me an article on slavery and forced prostitution rings in Amewrica that was so sickening it's ruined my day, toys aside. She may have linked to it on her blog, it's grim stuff, I mean, how the fuck is this being allowed to happen here, I mean, anywhere, but here, where we're so full of ourselves on how civilized and forthright we are. Unless the shit's going down on foreigners. Hopefully this article will raise some stink, it apparently shocked the FBI fer chrissakes, and involves minors, which might get some people rabid, as it should. Aw, fuck, I should've just talked about toys. Toys manufactured overseas by poor people for a pittance. Everything is crap. At least comics are printed by Canadians, I think they beat them, to be honest, but nobody cares what happens to them.

Ugh. I go make nonsense for pay now.
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