February 5th, 2004


A bunch of...things that...yaaawwwwn

Our sleep schedule officially went to hell several days ago due to our workload, so now we're playing Sleep Schedule Roulette, staying up as late as we can every day until we (hopefully) go around the clock and get back on our "normal" schedule. We're both traipsing around the house like zombies for the past hour or two, marking time until we crash. We at least got to leave the house for a while today, after working we went out to run errands and putz around Satan Island and do some shopping. I rarely see my hometown at ten in the morning. It's creepy. There are people out there.

Sarah hasn't been out of the house in about two weeks, that's how screwy things have been. We hit the Salvation Army on Clove Rd (helmed by the Crazy Lady with the severe red dye job who yells at everyone, god she irritates me) to look for books. Sparse pickings, lots of the usual crap, those dumb Paul Reiser books, Stephen King, Judy Blume, Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face, three volumes of the Good Housekeeping Cooking library, Steinbeck's Red Pony and The Pearl and Of Mice and Men, Bermuda Triangle gibberish, a gaggle of R.L Stine Goosebumps, various Choose Your Own Adventure books, those stupid men's adventure Destroyer "novels", etc. It's amazing how every Salvation Army has the same forty books in rotation, whoever you go, there's that damned Paul Reiser parents book.Like how the record section always has to have six hundred Herb Alpert albums and the original Broadway soundtrack to South Pacific. Anyway, lame book selection, which was a bummer, we haven't done a thrift run in a while so we were expecting some finds, some Detective Mystery Book Club volumes or cookbooks or a neat kid's book or some horror or SF crappola. Nada. The only cartoon collections to be found were two volumes of Luanne (fuck, no, thank you), and the same sad Hi and Lois paperback that has sat there for a year. What happened to all those Peanuts paperbacks people used to dump every other month? Cripes. Anyway, Sarah got a vintage gardening book and I did land a decent find, for me at least, a Charles Beaumont 1959 paperback anthology for a big bad quarter. I've always wanted to read his stuff, and it was a nice little thrift to find this. Unfortunately, when I got the book home and cracked it open it literally cracked, the poor old thing's on it's last glue. It's obviously going to fall apart while I read it, it's already coughed up two pages. So, I won't get to keep it, but at least I'll get to read it. Beaumont was one of my favorite Twilight Zone scripters and while growing up I read a lot of glowing things about him and his work, but I could never find any of his books. Hopefully the stories will hold up, even as the book comes apart.

usually we walk out of that SA with at least five to ten books, but lately it's been stiff, despite the fact that they expanded the dusty section. I can't complain. My best Salvation Army coup was at this location, when Sarah and I found a hardcover copy of Ricky Jay's Cards as Weapons, in perfect shape, with dust cover. Just laying there -- a book I'd only dreamed of owning as it was long out of print and going for over two bills. Now, if only someone would drop off a copy of Roald Dahl's Gremlins, or a perfect copy of The Sugar Mouse Cake, one of Sarah's favorite children's books. And the paperback Barnaby series with the strips that aren't in the old hardcover editions.

Speaking of Barnaby, the latest issue of Comic Art is out, with an article on Crockett Johnson. Added bonus, an article on the great Don Flowers. Sarah has one of his paperbacks and we recently bought one of his gag panels, he draws beautifully, I mean, just a beautiful flowing, lively line with terrific control, grrrr. There's also a lot of stuff on Art --oh, excuse moi, art Spiegelman, if you care for dull, calculating genius. I'm on the fence, myself. And there's a page on Johnny Craig, who I say deserves his own article, nay, his own big-ass monster retrospect from Fantagraphics or somebody who knows about compiling such things. I send this into the ether -- Johnny Craig book! Go! Do! Now!

And in a similar jugular vein, where the hell is the hardcover edition of the Will Elder book? If it doesn't come out soon I ain't nominating it for any Harveys. Okay, I will, but fer cripes sakes, where's the hardcover? I want that book (insert childlike crying and stomping of feet here. And again, here).

I think I actually had something to mention or plug. I will check my post-it notes. They don't say anything. How could they, they are only little post-it notes, without vocal chords or brains or valid opinions. Oh -- yes, the new issue of Mad has another "Monkeys Are Always Funny" installment, they didn't use any of my photo ideas for this one either, but it's still my brilliant fucking concept so my name is in there in really small letters somewhere in there in the magazine. In there. The magazine. Did I say I like Johnny Craig? He draws sweaty people..

Finally, an appeal to my most appealing readers. That's you, fatheads! Does anyone know where I can get some Bill and Ted's issues cheap. like from a local shop cheapie bin? I've discovered that my run is incomplete/in crappy shape. If anyone can lay their hands on copies from a con or shop or lifted from a friends collection, lemme know, we'll gladly recompense or trade or doodle or whatever for them. Otherwise, it's e-bay for us.

Okay, I've managed to ramble on until 6:30. Now I think I go sleepie bye bye. Hope I temporarily die for fifteen hours and wake up in ebullience. I think that's in Oklahoma.
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