February 6th, 2004


Good Morning

As it happened, I got up sometime before six this morning. We'll see what time I can stay up until during this shift. Yawn.

My thanks to those offering copies of Bill and Ted's, I'll get back to that ASAP, let me see what I need, etc. I'd really prefer to take doubles off someone or find cheap copies somewhere, I don't wish to take anyone's actual comics, unless, of course, they've grown sick and tired of them and don't want them anymore. Which will make me cry, wah. So I'll get back to you sweet kids on that.

Follow-up on the latest Comic Art. haven't read much of it, I fell asleep with it on my chest after having read a few paragraphs on Crockett Johnson and Barnaby, et al. (This reminds me, no one has ever found the Barnaby reference in World's Funnest. Somebody tell me what it is and you win something stupid. Just as soon as I finish the blame contest up). There's also a Rand Holmes article and what looks like a great interview with Kim Deitch, so there's more to recommend it. And re: the Spiegelman bit, it's not an article about him, per se, he participates in one of the always excellent "In The Studio" features, where they talk about influences and the like, and show items from the cartoonist's collection and files, etc. And it's a mostly valuable piece, especially, if, like me, you're more interested in Spiegelman's thoughts on comics than his actual work. I know, I know, I'm a philistine, sorry, but I cannot tell a lie. I loved Raw, I enjoy hearing the man speak and smoke in public, I generally enjoy his writings on the medium. The work just leaves me cold, by and large. So sue me.

On an unrelated note -- why is everyone so up in arms over this stupid Janet Jackson thing, when they should be screaming about what's going on all over the world? Death camps in North Korea, and we're dicking around in Iraq? People dying every day over there in bomb attacks, "our boys" and yeah, even them that furriners, and you're upset over this stupid girl's stupid stunt during a stupid football game? Nobody knows what's going on in Afghanistan. Justice Scalia is shooting animals and partying with the VP while he's supposed to be ruling on a case he's involved with -- get pissed over that, get good and non-partisan pissed over that. Our national security alert program has no rhyme or reason and even Republican senators want to know why there's no information on what an Orange Alert means to the average person or the specific possible target. And if security is so important, how come somebody got Ricine into a government building after the Anthrax fright? And why won't the government finance these so important security measures? Our intelligence department is either incompetent or their findings were manipulated by the administration. Bush is campaigning at the sites of Democratic primaries more or less on taxpayers' money. Get pissed at something in there, people. Enough with the tit, report the fucking important news already. Like, where is Pixar going? WIll Return of the King sweep the Oscars? Why did J-Lo and Ben break up -- did they wake up one day and realize they were both in bed with the most banal no-tal celebrity on Earth? Ha ha. Some levity for you. I don't really care about the state of the world, not as long as my cable is working and Coca Cola is on sale. I'm an American, and I just like complaining. Ya ya ya!

Well, I can see by the gloom on the wall that I have to go back to drawing monsters and crap so I can buy soda and cable and comic books. I need money for Palomar and the latest D&Q and Sideshow put out the Creature from the Black Lagoon 12" and I missed it. These are priorities, this makes me happy and complete, the electric bill be damned. In the meantime, go pick up Comic Art #5, it's worth the $9 imho. Or, buy some beer with the ten spot and tip the waiter. Both have their value.