February 8th, 2004


Good Night

R.I.P. Julius Schwartz. Editor, agent, curmudgeon. I first met in him in an elevator at DC comics and he yelled at my then girlfriend and I after I nervously pressed the wrong button and sent the car up. it went downhill from there, he never remembered my name or who I was over the course of the next twenty years and thirty five or so meetings, and yelled at me practically every time I was in his presence. Even when I was getting something signed, or something signed by someone he knew, he'd yell at me or start with the schtick.Joe Giella had to shut him up so he could sign my copy of World's Funnest. When he sat for the World's Funnest photograph session, he was cranky as all hell, but then started to enjoy himself when we asked him to pick up freelancer's pages and hold a pair of scissors to them. When he found out the book was about Bat-Mite and Mr Mxyzptlk he balked and tried to leave the room while we were still shooting (I'd already told him about it when I spoke to him beforehand). He got bored and left but we had enough shots. The next few times I saw him he pretty much heckled me at the Harvey presentations, he wouldn't shut up in Pittsburgh in 2002. At the small announcement of winners at the Mocca office last August he heckled me again.

That's why I really didn't expect him to pass on just yet, even though I knew he was in ill health from the various on-line reports. I figured he still had a lot of people to yell at and badger and heckle. I liked him even though he was a pain sometimes, sometimes you caught him having a good time jerking you around. He was cantankerous and I think after a while everyone knew it so he had to ramp it up to play the part. Then again, maybe he was just cantankerous. I'll miss getting heckled by the man this year. R.I.P, Mr Schwartz . May you be in a far, far better parallel universe than this one.

I was gonna work until later this morning, but this actually bummed me out a bit and I'm already tired after starting work sometime around 8 this morning. I'm not getting things done quickly and I've blown the upcoming deadline yet again, I'm pretty depressed today and the medication isn't helping. I pencilled the hell out of the strip to try to do my best, but my inks aren't up to it and I'm making mistakes and nervously attacking the pages, it's all going to shit and I have to clean it up best as I can as quickly as I can. I'm not going to be posting for a few days, at least that's the plan, I really have to put every possible minute into finishing this. So, later, skaters. Have a good however many days I'm away. Hopefully I'll have better news when I type at you again.