February 25th, 2004


First in a slew of updates

We have so many things to post regarding upcoming/happening projects that I've decided to break them into a series of posts to prevent another of my gonzo marathon typefests from getting loose on an unsuspecting readership.

First off, some of you reading Sarah's journal may have seen that the HOF web site front page has been changed. It now features an updated news section, you can see several most recent items at a glance and click on them for more information about each. past news will be available. So, you won't have to hack through past journal updates and posts to glean information on projects, scheduling, appearances and other similar releases.

Right now the page features information on the Art Asylum Subcultures show that opens this Friday in Ft Lauderdale, Fla. The show features seven toy designs we did based on their "Mini-mates" frame. There's a small sneak picture of one figure and we hope to be able to post the photo of the complete set ASAP. There's also a piece on Sarah being profiled in the latest issue of Elle Girl Korea (!).

Next bit of business. The winner of the "Blame" contest back in December is one "Mudron", who offered up actor Paul Henreid as the sacrificial lamb. I enjoyed a lot of the entires, especially the various Josh Sullivan bits, and while I blame Josh Sullivan for a lot of the problems I'm currently facing, I can't blame him for everything. yet. So, Mudron guy. I checked your journal and your site in order to contact you. We couldn't for the life of us find a contact e-mail for you. Either we're blind or you're making it difficult for people to e-mail you for some nefarious reason. E-mail me so we can discuss your crappy prize.

Brief plugs: Sarah and I have illustrations in the recent issues of Nickelodeon Magazine and Nicktoons:The Fairly Oddparents. IN other mass market magazine news, mad has apparently taken to my "Monkeys are always funny" photo feature concept, and have run a second image in issue # 439, now out on stands. I've been told that the next issue will actually use one of the image ideas that I submitted in the pitch for the feature. Three words: historical travel disaster. Add monkey. Laugh. Okay, add ape, let's not get picky, it's an ape.

Last bit of news this time around. Looks like I missed the boat as far as getting an art assignment on the Bizarro Comics sequel. I'm kinda disappointed, I wanted to draw something in there as it's more fun than writing those strips, for me. The annoying thing is that Joey Cavalieri and I spoke about my doing a strip. And he's supposed to be my pal. Sniff. He probably figured I'm overworked based on my scripts limping in later than I promised. He'd be right, so maybe it all worked out for the best. Or maybe he forgot. Or he's mad at me. I'd be mad at me. But then again, I blame Paul Henreid. And Josh Sullivan. But he gets no prize.

In life news, I forgot to tell those interested that Crushinto ate a mouse right in front of us. I only saw some of the Discovery Channel carnage as I bolted in a Toho movie panic once I realized what he was doing. Luckily I did not break the dish I was washing. I calmly panicked. Little nut hopped up into the window and started wolfing down this little mouse like a snake. Yuck. He never had a real home as a child, no one taught him to simply present us with the trophy like Errol Flynn in Robin Hood. Now we talk to the mouse in his stomach like it's our pet.

Speaking of cats, we have a new group of strays who have been squatting in our yard. One of which is another kid from the late Little Girl and the MIA Stripesy. yeah, Stripesy has disappeared and we're afraid he may have also been sick like the Girl. We're crossing our fingers that he'll still pop up in the Spring, he has disappeared twice before during the cold months...but this time he disappeared early and we've heard a rumor that he was abandoned last year, so we don't know if there is someone taking him in or if he, well, died. Stripesy was a sweetheart and I really hope we get to see him again.

Well, I've gotta get back to work on Hellboy, page ten. Almost done. More fingers crossed that it'll all work out.

Okay, there's a post. The next post will cover some more HOF news, all or some of what's on my list depending on how it jobs out.
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