March 14th, 2004


How do you spell "sabbatical"?

Things have gotten pretty hairy again schedule-wise, folks, so I'm taking a short break from the Journal. Just a few days, not much longer than that, so dry your tears, sleep easy, and try to muddle on through without my incoherent but soothing ranting to perk up your work week.

Besides, I'm posting too much for my own good these days, and need a breather, it's become a bit of a job and bit of an excuse for not dealing with my work or business mail. I just posted some silly nonsense to the TCJ board, when I should be drawing that crap for the next Dork or maybe even for money or something.

I think I crashed a bit after completing the Hellboy job, more than I expected, and I'm on a terrible sleep schedule again (we both are). I'm not depressed or worried, just stressed and unable to sleep, reading or laying in bed until 10 am, it's a real mess and I'm not on all cylinders while working the next day. Worse, we have a few commitments coming up, and I can't make an event at 9:30 in the morning if I'm not falling asleep until 10 am. I'm getting too old for this, one day soon I have to get on a real schedule and stick with it.

Anyway, if I owe anybody a reply or a contest prize, be patient, I'm in over my head for a few days and as soon as I get some things done I'll tackles my correspondence and post some shorter entries here.

Be back soon, talk amongst yourselves or go look at Sarah's last few Jinjur journal posts and see the funny animation stuff she's linked to, read about the "death" of Godzilla ("sniff"), and especially check out the links to the biblical plague toys and activities. Fascinating! Frightening! Other F words I won't use here!

later, skaters -
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