April 12th, 2004


So very tired...

Could not f'ing sleep last night/this morning for anything. Reading, doing crosswords, playing Pokemon Pinball on the Gameboy (Got a problem with that? Go fight the neighbors, then)...six hours of non-sleep. Another two hours of laying there non-sleep. Sometime around 8 a.m. I died temporarily, as we all do each and every night.

On the plus side, Sarah's home, the cats have stopped fighting and bitching that she's not here, we patched up the panel revision Mad asked for, some publishers sent us checks, and we got an advance copy of Hellboy: Weird Tales #8. I think the Roger story is okay. I'm too close to it, so I see the hateful stuff in the art, the riting and the lettering. Your mileage may vary. Mike Kaluta cover, painted strip by Jill Thompson, a strip by Kia Asamiya and Akira Yoshida (I admit ignorance at the credits for these folks, sorry fans and family of these folks), Gary Fields pin-up, John Cassaday wraps up the Lobster Johnson strip, and a back cover by Lee Bermejo (more ignorance on my part, but it's very attractive). Three bucks, and you get to see what my stuff looks like with actual people and backgrounds in color as opposed to milk cartons and devil puppets in B&W. Sarah did a bang-up job, so if nothing else, buy it because she's kind and nice and talented. It's out in two weeks, I believe. I'm so ignorant today. Are we still officially not at war in Iraq?

Posted some replies on the previous thread, fyi. It's getting crowded so I figured I better start a new thread about...I dunno. WHat the hell are any of these things about? me, you, comics, midnlessness, pop culture, death, fear. But mostly about me. Ah, me, me, wonderful me.

Tonight I think I'll pencil the FCBD Bill and Ted's cover whilst watching gorwn men and women wrestle. I am tired. Leave me alone in my ignorance and do not poketh fun at wonderful me.

BTW, I haven't forgotten the talk about a signing/con held in a local NYC bar. I am mulling it over. Mull, mull mull. Martin Mull. Moon Mullins. Mull of Kintyre. See the wrinkled brow, smell the wood burning, feel the electricity in the air. Mulling time is over. I officially like the idea but haven't the time to work it out logistically or arrange it or show up for it. Keep it in the back of your minds, kids, who knows.

And now, I go away again. Dry your eyes, I'll be back...someday.