April 20th, 2004


Happy Unbirthday To Me

A quick thanks to those of you writing the HOF or posting birthday greetings to the birthday grinch on his journal. For those who asked, the event was celebrated with yardwork, cleaning the fridge, taking care of garbage and recycling, cleaning the cat litter boxes, chasing Mimsy after she stole turkey, working on the cover sketch for the second Bill and Ted's trade (which I didn't know I had to ahve done so soon), doing an online interview, and typing this. I tend to not go gangbusters on my birthday, Sarah and I got together with her folks Sunday and they broguht us a nice cake with a Dork #4 cover image on it (See Sarah's Jinjur blog for a pic, if you care to). Otherwise, business as usual. I've got a busy week ahead -- lecturing to Joey Cavalieri's class at SVA on Thursday, the Funnyrama store anniversary event Saturday, dinner with my folks on Sunday, so I really didn't have time to cleebrate anything today. We did have a Jones Apple Soda while cleaning the fridge out, wee-ha.

Well, I'm an old fuck now as far as comics are concerned, but I'm not ready for my mature period so we'll see where 39 brings me. I don't feel old, I don't lookj old, and I don't think old, so I'm not too bothered by driving this close to the supposedly dreaded 40. As long as I can make comics it'll keep me young, or angry, or at least immature and bitchy. Wee-ha.

Thanks again for the comments on the Roger story in Hellboy Weird Tales. Appreciated, glad some folks noticed some of the background bits and all. I'm in talks with Scott Allie about doing another "Stray" script for the next DHC horror book project. Plot's already done, a somehwat direct sequel to the story we did for the upcoming Hauntings anthology. I really have to come up with a blanket title for the "Cat and Dog" stories so I can describe them more easily, I've been working at it but nothing clicks. Something with "Strange Tails" seemed like a nice idea, but it only works when written out, it would obviously invite too much confusion with the "Strange Tales" title it parodies.

Guess that's about it. I have more housework to do before I can settle down with a sketchpad and doodle Bill and Ted cover ideas. Bill on the left? On the right? Such a dilemna. I did pick up some comic stuff lately, don't feel like getting too int it because of time, though -- the Charles Schulz museum's collection of Li'l Folks strips with annotations, Cyborg 009 #3 (Tezuka-like/Astro-Boy-like robot fisticuff hijinks but with less repetitive moralizing, distracting slapstick and visual non-sequitors, and more action, and for me, more straight silly manga superhero fun, as much as I love Tetsuwa Atomo and family it's become a bit same old and I haven't picked up the last batch of books in a while. Cyborg 009 is a continuing storyline, again, it's silly, but fun), Hideshi Hino's Bugboy trade (#2 in the new Hino library of post-war babyheaded horror nuttiness)and the latest issue of The Comics Journal (they were supposed to run a page of M&C art from last year's SLG FCBD book, but I guess after Milo George weas fired things didn't come together, but Rich Kreiner said some nice things about the SLG release and M&C in particular, which was nice to see). I think I picked up soemthing else but who cares. I'm so tired and there's so many comics out there calling my name...

Later, skaters. Hope to see one or two of you out there at the Funnyrama signing, which I'll be at along with Sarah, Amanda Conner, and some guy named Joe Kubert. Should be fun, I'll be signing and if anyone brings me something to draw on, they get a quick drawing, and I'll have art for sale and they're providing Yoo Hoo to drink or throw in Harvey Dent's face or wash your tires with. Url below with info and what have you, the event is this Saturday, from noon to something or something like that. Click and go.


Heigh, ho, eskimo!