April 26th, 2004


The latest from the lamest

Just wanted to check in before getting back to work.

Had a very nice time at the Funnyrama anniversary event in Lake Hiawatha, NJ this past Saturday. A nice crowd showed up, and we met some very nice folks, survived some sugar-frenzied kids, and I got Joe Kubert to sign my DC Archives (me am geek). My thanks to Steve of Funnybooks, congrats on his 12 years of retailing, and for inviting us to the show. Note to evilbeej, if that was who posted earlier about the event and who we met in tha massive Fudrucker's after the show -- you never asked for a Halby sketch. Drop me a line or whatever and I'll get one to you sometime before the date Hectic Planet actually takes place. Remind Steve I owe him a drawing, same deal time-wise. Or come to Mocca or some other show and get a drawing.

Our next appearance is the Hawthrone High School COmics Club event this coming Saturday, May 8th. I couldn't find a website for the newly hatched grass roots show, but here's a press release/news item thingie I found on the web that may help:

"The Hawthorne show will be the first professionally run high school comic convention to be held in the suburbs of New Jersey.
More than two dozen stars from the comic book industry will be in attendance, including Batman artist Tommy Castillo; Scooby-Doo artist Joe Staten; legendary creator of Dondi Irwin Hasen; Nickelodeon Magazine comics artist and Patty Cake creator Scott Roberts; Hero Gets the Girl author and reporter for the Asbury Park Press Mark Voger; Denny O'Neil editor and writer on Batman and comics industry painter and instructor at New Jersey's Joe Kubert School of Comic and Cartoon Art Dave Devries; Milk and Cheese creator Evan Dorkin and editor of Action Girl Sara Dyer.

Activities include comic art lessons, panel discussions, an anime theater and charity auction, proceeds from which also will benefit the Hawthorne High School art program.

Admission is only $3 and the show's hours are 10am to 4pm on May 8. Hawthorne High School is ideally located at 160 Parmelee Avenue in Hawthorne, N.J., just 30 minutes outside Manhattan.

For more info, please contact Allan Rosenberg at alllal@aol.com."

Okay, they mispelled Sarah's name like everyone else, but Allan's a nice guy and we supported his Ramapo shows religiously and this, as I said earlier, is a great, low key, old school (literally) way to meet and talk to some comics folks. Proceeds go to the school which is much nicer than giving the bucks to your average con creep, there will be dealers selling comics and crap, and we plan to donate some Cartoon Network and HOF stuff to the raffles. Come over for a sketch or to get something signed if you care to. Then go see a movie or have a picnic.


The SVA lecture went mostly sorta kinda well, I guess. Sorta. I was grasping at straws by the end, I wasn't fully prepared (and even when I am I tend to be all over the place, off on tangents and rotuines and rants, just like this journal) -- but we ended up going 4 hours (!) so either someone was interested or I'd driven them all comatose. Diversions included working in animation, trying to avoid getting ripped off when you break into comics, Dave Sim as self-publishing messiah, Dave Sim as disavower of being a self-publishing messiah, Dave Sim as decent cartoonist and complete and utter asshole, how stupid this industry can be, how stupid Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, certain people at DC and Marvel and Diamond can be, how stupid I can be and how a novice cartoonist can save years of trouble by not following my personal example in re: to training, dedication and breaking into the field.

Afterward I met up with the Apes at my regular East Village haunt and had many drinks. And much fun. Until I truned green (in Fletcher's words) and sprayed pure beautiful alcohol all over the floor beneath our table. Three times in a row. Like a puke hose set into a Toho monster suit. The spray wasn't chunk style, but I still felt awful. I couldn't remember getting to Fletcher's car, leaning out of the car door while it was driving on the BQE, getting choked by Paul when I took his glasses, losing my watch that Sarah gave me last year (Fletcher found it in his car), how I got up the stairs and into the upstairs batthroom to whisper sweet and sour somethings to the toilet for an hour. Sarah says I slumped over the bowl, spitting and coughing up more ick while berating my existance. I don't remember, but I believe it. What a teenage fanclub mess. Even so, all involved agreed it was the best night out we've had in ages, we were all in really good moods, the waitress gave us several lovely buy-backs which, and we were mean-spirited laughing cruel idiots the entire time. However, I must say -- if all you've had to eat is a small sushi order and your morning medication (which you shouldn't drink on, sorry Sarah!), don't drink a succession of Bass Ales with Kamikaze and Red Death shots. Especially when you're a pantywaist pussboy drinker like me. Bleaaaagh.

I vow to never lose your trust and respect like this again. So, no more drinks for me, at least not until the next time.


I'm supposed to get copies this week of the issue of Mad that will run my VHI Behind the Music strip about the career of Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen's severed left arm. I dunno what the issue number is, but I'll be plugging it as soon as I know when the magazine ships. Yes, I'm excited, and I'm allowed. I'm currently working on a batch of new pitches to them, fingers crossed something might sell.

Trying to work out a schedule with Jill Thompson and DHC so we can do a third "Stray" story. It might prove difficult, because Jill's so busy, but hopefully it'll all work out because I really want to continue with these strips. I certainly can't paint 'em myself, oh no, that's for sure.

That's it for now. So much to screw up, so little time to procrastinate.