May 2nd, 2004


Meet the new post, same as the old posts

Mainly wanted to bring any and all conversation to a new thread, the last one got clogged up a bit.

Nothing much of real crazy interest going on -- it's beena week of sobriety and domesticity. We're juggling "work" work, housework and yardword. And I'm beat. The fallen section of the tree than came down in a storm last year is finally cut up and in logs ready to be tied and disposed of. it took several days of work over time and is definitely something this paleface jewboy weakling isn't cut out for.

I'm trying to remember what's been up. I'm trying to ink up the FCBD cover while pencilling the second B&T trade cover, while drawing some poster illos for a "major corporation" I am contractually not at liberty to mention. And if I want to get a new cat and dog story into the thrid DHC Book of Scary Stuff I need to script it asap, which isn't welcome news because of my schedule, but we'll see how it goes.

We received the first of our personal prototype Mini-Mate action figures from Art Asylum. These are four of the figures we designed for the Subterraneans toy gallery show, still travelling and perhaps coming to a gallery or space near you. I should get a link for it. I'm tired. Later. They were kind enough to replicate our designs so we could have our own set, and the first finished figures were real sweet. Maybe we'll put up some pics, but those who haven't seen the gallery figures can check the HOF front page, there's an old news story on it with a nice color pic of the complete set of seven designs.

Where the hell is the COmplete Peanuts book? I want it. Now.

As we've been giving the HOF it's first real going over to get rid of stuff, we're going to be making up a number of boxes of stuff we're going to get rid of. This will include comics, toys, Sanrio items, books, etc. Whatever we can't donate (the Sal Army's been uptight about books and whatnot) and whatever is too cool to throw out we're thinking of selling, trading or giving away. The video games will probably be traded in to Game Stop for credit, and we're dumping some old systems/consoles, (we're keeping the Saturn so Sarah can play the Panzer Dragoon game she loves, Orta or something. Most of the Saturn games will probably go to e-bay where Saturn collectors dwell and apparently really go for this stuff). I've got some Eltingville-type stuff I'm long tired of, TOy Biz Marvel figures, several DC Direct figures, all the Kenners Aliens figures and stuff. I simply threwq out all the McFarlane toys I bought or was given -- what was I thinking? The Maxx was funky, but all those greay and gunky brown werewolves, I thought they were cool and now they just look like dried turds with multiple paint passes to me. My toy buying frenzy knew few bounds back in the 90's. At least I threw out the packaging and displayed them. I was a geek, not a speculator geek.

I'm also going through my Deadline U.K. magazine doubles that someone is interested in, also planning on dumping some Comics Journals and some comics, several series of comics we've since bought collections of and a comic shop wouldn't want 'em (The Spirit, Skeleton Key, etc). I'd let 'em go cheap just so someone can try/have them, I can't throw decent comics out and have no one to give them to. Might dump some mini-comics as well, probably put a lot of this stuff into lots to make life easier, we don't have a lot of time to be retailing. Anyway, there may be a list in the near future of whatever we need to jettison so we can make some room for living here. Or we'll just burn it all and be done with it. We shall see. Dunno what to do with the 12" Boba Fett I have. I might break the head off and keep that.

This Saturday is the Hawthorne NJ High School show, which Sarah and I will be attending. Dunno if anyone's showing up, but we are,m so if you're in the area, feel free. It'll be cheap and hassle-free, very low-key. I don't know where I put the link to the news article on it (they didn't have a dedicated website to promote the local show, not a good sign of a big turnout, but that hurts the charity auction more than anybody else. A show like this isn't a windfall, you do it to sign a few books and you hope the drive is scenic).

Finally, the good news is that Stripesy, our favorite, long MIA cat visitor, has reappeared. The bad news, Sarah thinks he may have feline AIDS, like the Little Girl, who he ran with and who had to be put to sleep when we brought her in with one of her kittens. His eye infection is spreading, one eye is closed up from the goop and the other isn't much better, his hair is thinning and he seems thinner. We don't know what to do -- supposedly he was someone's cat, but they may have abandoned him. If you take him to the vet and he has to be put to sleep, we're effectively stealing someone's cat and "killing" it. At the same time, we don't want him to suffer. I am really fucking bummed. Sarah has some ideas about contacting some people and seeing how to best handle it. Poor goddam Stripesey.

I realize there are worse problems than the proliferation of strays and all, yes, we should be working to feed and house and repair people and children in need, but is it too much to ask that people friggin' fix their outdoor cats, or, better yet, keep the goddam cat indoors so it doesn't become a target of fleas, dogs, cars, rotten kids, disease, et al? And doesn't make more strays? I can understand if you're in a rural place, on a farm, and you have outdoor pets. But where I am, it's ridiculous to basically turn your cat into a stray with a place to flop once in a while. The idiots who adopted Crushinto from a shelter brought him home, only to ste him out onto the street as an outdoor cat. Idiots. bring him back so someone else can actually care for him, the little guy was hungry and out in the rain all the time, getting beat up by other animals.

Stupid people make me wish I had divine powers and the will to use them as coldly as a politician.