May 26th, 2004


I'm a tired monkey...

Been pretty busy of late, a lot to do in the house, a lot to do at the board. I'm in one of those phases where I'm napping despite the fact that I despise naps, they screw up my sleep schedule something fierce. I can't nap for an hour, I fall asleep and die for a while. So, now I'm up until past 7 a.m. and feeling crappy all day. What can you do. I hope to snap out iof it asap because there's a lot more to be done. I won't bore you with the house work details, instead, I'll bore you with some comic book stuff.

The new Previews is out, so you can check out the cover for the first Bill and Ted trade, which will ship in August. The full title of this mess is "Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventures". Volume one collects the Bogus Jounrey adaptation and #1-4 of the regular series. Volume 2 will be solicited for October, apparently. And I finished up the B&T-themed cover for SLG's FCBD release. which will be out on July 3 with a slew of other FCBD offerings.

Pitched some more stuff to Mad but they were summariyl rejected, unfortunately one idea was similar to something they were working on, so, no luck there. I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue to see my strip run, it's nice to still get that "I'm in print" geek thrill at my age. I hear I might be run in the back, opposite the Jaffee fold-in. Crazy! Anyway, I've been slowly putting together a few dozen gags for Dork 11 and for pitching to Mad and Nickelodeon, so I feel a little like some old cartoonist of yore sending out single panels to the various magazines and hoping for the best. It's kind of fun and kind of scary, the closest thing to auditioning I've come to as a comic book dope. Unfortunately, I tend to work blue, so a large number of my strips aren't useful for the mass market folks (although they'll be sitting pretty in the next Dork, home of middlebrow hoo-ha). I gotta think with my upstairs brain more often.

Sarah and I are currently working on a series of marginal strips for an upcoming issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, called "The Halloweirdos". Guess when this is coming out? Right, Easter.

I'm juggling the layouts for my artjob for Bizarro 2, and breaking down the third "Stray" script (for lack of a better encompassing title for the cat and dog strips Jill Thompson and I have been doing). The new story will be 16 pages and it continues story elements from the story appearing in the Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft, due out June 23rd. If fate allows, I'll finish this stuff up asap and get back on the damned pilot script which is boiling mad at me on that back burner I put it on a while ago.

Oh -- here's something nifty. Sarah will be getting story credit for an upcoming episode of Codename:Kids Next Door, as they used a springboard idea she had when we met with them several months ago.

Speaking of the Cartoon Network, we've been asked to do commentary on the second Space Ghost Coast to Coast DVD compilation. From what we understand we'll be represented on the discs with three of our shows. I'm really stoked about this. "Stoked?" Sorry. Been writing Bill and Ted solicitation copy, that stuff always rubs off a little.

I'll have examples of everything I'm working on at MOCCA, which is in a few weeks, kids. I'll also be hosting the Harvey Awards once again, and I have spoken to Nellie Kurtzman and she has told me that if attendees wish to see the awards program, they can do so without buying a ticket to the catered banquet. They can arrive at 9pm t and if there are available seats, they can watch the ceremony for free. This is going to be first come, first serve, and you may wish to check with the folks at MOCCA that day on how things are going, because I think they have plans for some press coverage and that would limit the "free" space even further. I'll keep you posted if I hear anyhting different. Anyway, Neil Gaiman is set for the keynote address, I've been writing bad jokes, it should be a nice, semi-classy affair.

Okay, that's it for now. Just wanted to update a few things and let you know I was still alive. I'm fine, by the way. How the hell are you?