June 11th, 2004


Bill and Ted feature/interview at Pulse

Hey folks, Jen Contino did an interview with me about the two-volume Bill and Ted reprint set coming from SLG in August/October. If you want to read about it, and see three all-new pieces of color art we did (the covers for the trades, and the FCBD cover feat. B&T) and aren't sick to death of reading my blathering yet, here's the link:


Also wanted to say thanks for the kind comments some folks have sent my way re: my strip in the latest issue of Mad, #443, now available at comic shops and on newsstands for browsing, purchasing and five finger discounting.

Anything new? Sort of. Finsihed drawing a Halloween series of very cute (imho) marginal strips for Nickeleodeon Magazine. I'm currently juggling the script for the Dark Horse Book of the Dead with the art for a five-page Kamandi strip for the Bizarro Comics sequal. The Kamandi strip is a bit of a hand-breaker and troublemaker, but it's shaping up. Once I've cleared these gigs I'm finally committed to writing the script for the Adult Swim pilot. We met with our friend/producer Keith at the Network during the SGCTC commentary sessions and we're aiming to turn a script in at the end of July, fingers tightly crossed.

Oh, speaking of which -- the commentary itself went pretty...well, producer Matt Harrigan e-mailed to let us know they were funny. I haven't a clue., as usual I just went off. I said a lot of junk that's going to get cut so they had us do multiple takes, and we were pretty much grasping for things to say and it got goofy. I think they'll be some funny stuff on this one, and the discs will have a lot more commentary than vol 1, they're having Joel Hodgson and Janine Garofolo and other guests comment on their appearances.

And, to the person who said they'd give me a dollar if I got those three words on the track -- we shall see if they make it in or not, I wrote them down and blurted them out in a very blatant mannerduring the taping and Keith and Sarah repeated them when we were desperate. So, you may owe me a dollar or three in a few months.

Just saw a list of confirmed RSVP's for the Harvey banquet being held at Mocca, and now I've got nerves of noodles. A lot of folks in the audience are folks I'm intimidated by (high-fallutin cartoonists and some people I used to do work for ages ages), and that makes me nervous about how I'll handle it this year in "the big town". I'm not a professional emcee or "funnyman", that's why I do comics. Pittsburgh was small and laid back and I still had flop sweat. Now I have flop drench. One cool thing is it looks like we'll have a decent number of nominees attending. And don't forget, contrary to what the press says, the awards are given out after the banquet proper, not during it, and people can attend without paying for the banquet. Inquire at the Mocca site on the planned procedure, and if there will be tables. If you can gte seating, you'll hear Neil Gaiman give the keynote address, me sputter out bad jokes, and see nifty presenters and happy winners. Or their happy publihsers. And eulogies for some dearly and maybe not so dearly departed members of the cartooning tribe. Hopefully I'll have my proverbial shit together and not fall all over myself and apologize for my falling all over myself, which I am wont to do, or say something wildly innapropriate. Unless it gets a laugh. Oy, mein stomach...it...aches...so...

Back to drawing Prince Tuftan eating twinkies. It's a living.