June 18th, 2004


The Latest Crap

Hurt my right arm the other day tying up wood and hauling it to the curb. Can't raise my arm and when I draw I have to use my left arm to drag my right hand around the page. Pathetic. I thought it was going to stop hurting by now but it actually hurts more. Guess I'm going to the doctor if this keeps up. What a pathetic weakling I is. Ow ow ow.

DC never got back to my last e-mail regarding the Metal Men mess. Sent it a coupla weeks ago when Allred made his statements re: the book getting "shelved" on Newsarama. I think this lack of communication and what was said at the DC panel at WizardWorld Philadelphia means the body bag is ready for my particular version of the project. I could really use some closure on this, or at least some information of some sort, but nothing has been forthcoming. Maybe my e-mail was lost. Whatever. The whole thing is a body blow to the ego.

Finished up the Halloween strips for Nickelodeon. Sold them another gag strip. Boosts my crippled ego somewhat.

Working on the Kamandi strip art for Bizarro. Looking pretty nifty so far, imho. There's some problems with the script that have to be resolved so I'm at a bit of a standstill, working around the section in question. I can't letter the pages I have worked out because the rapidograph I use busted and I can't get it replaced locally (Staten Island is hell for anything other than the most basic art supplies) and had to order it on-line. Should be here Monday or so. What a dumb situation. But it'll get done and I'll make it look as good as I can.

The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft ships this Wednesday, so keep a peeper out for it. Should be good stuff. As plugged endlessly before, Jill Thompson and I contributed another strip featuring the characters from "Stray", this time a 12-pager.

Next week is MOCCA. I am looking forward to what looks like a nice show, but I have to say I am this side of terrified about emceeing the Harvey Awards. I'm out of practice because of last year's cancellation of the ceremony, and I'm intimidated by the NYC crowd and higher level of professional attendance. I haven't got any material gat5hered and have to write introductions to the presenters, most of whom aren't confirmed yet. I'm so nervous Sarah told me I should think about not doing this anymore. I don't know, I don't like admitting "defeat", fear of flying, fear of work, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking without innebriation. If I bomb out this year I think I might stop. Hopefully it won't come to that, besides, if I bomb they might replace me, making my making a decision moot. Hopefully I'm worrying over nothing, I get stressed every time I have done this, but it's worked out okay. I'm just getting butterflies the size of rats inb my stomach.

Anyway, hope you folks check out the DHC book and hope some of you locals can make it to MOCCA. I'll try to post Harvey p[resenters or something, it would be good to see fans show up after the banquet to see the actual awards (you can attend after the banquet to see Neil Gaiman and the awards, it just isn't heavily advertised and is a sticking point for me as I understans they need to sell tables to support the program, but I think fans need to be informed that they can show up after the dinner, space allowing, first come, first sit/stand).

ANyway, me and my ouchie arm and my under the weather better half are heading into Manhattan to see the mighty mighty Aquabats. Very psyched. We've been in touch with the Bat Commander and we're planning to hook up and discuss a few things. Could be interesting...

Happy Father's Day, btw, to those that are fathers.